Thursday, March 31, 2005

5 Days?! and Mr. Blue Eyes

I have not had sex in 5 days. What's up with that??? I'm not some kind of sex maniac, or nympho but this is ridiculous. I have to put an end to this. Tonight it will be my goal to have some good, great, mind-blowing (ok maybe that’s a bit much) sex.

Not much else going on over here in my world... I'm at work pretty bored today things are slow; I have some follow-up calls to make.... I'm just not in the mood to yet.

There's a guy here at work that’s totally into me, Mr. Blue Eyes. He's hit on me too many times to count, we flirt all the time and he’s even hinted to me to go to his house when his wife and kids were away- I didn't take him up on it. I'm not sure if I want to get involved in that kind of crazy office affair. The little cute devil in me says - Why not go ahead your only 2_ years old for so long... Have Fun!! And then that cautious careful angel, says NO WAY, mixing co-workers and sex is dangerous enough as is... being that he's married would just make it worse.

I'm thinking... how would this benefit me? I already have 1 guy I fuck regularly (with the exception of the last few days); I have another I see here and there, the third is the Dom whom I see least of all. So if I add in Mr. Blue Eyes to this mix, what does that do, it's just another cock to fuck? Don't get me wrong I'm aware that a wayward office romance would be fun, but is it worth it? What is he's horrible or that he's doesn’t please me, or vice versa (could that happen)? It would ruin our nice little office relationship, and might make things weird, or it could go the opposite way - amazing sex, we sneak off (somewhere for quickies) my day at the office would be great... Yet Mr. Blue Eyes is naturally a flirt, he often goes to lunch with other women in the office, I'm not so sure if he's had anything going on with them, I assume not, but there is one particular woman he's close with... Maybe I would just be another notch in his (office) belt.
So should I go for this or not?

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Ok so my Tuesday night romp I had to cancel on account that I was feeling sooo freaking sick after I got off the train and then my mom calls me last minute and needs emergency help with some computer shit...

Later that night I'm feeling better, so I try Morgan as a back-up but he came home too drunk from the bar and went right to bed. WTF? Man... I left him a voicemail saying that tomorrow (which is today) I'll be expecting lots and lots of sex.

Today is a beautiful day in the neighborhood (NYC), sunny and 60 degrees - this weather puts me in the best mood! And I finally have a chance to wear my new sunglasses, I love new sunglasses especially when they're only $8's and look awesome. Cheap sunglasses make me happy! Oh the little things in life!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Cooter Muffin

At the bar last night, I was the only woman sitting there in a sea of men (the regulars of the bar) whom I know well. Somewhere along our topics of conversation one of the guys proceeded to refer to the vagina as a “Gash”. Oh-My-God I thought that was actually pretty nasty and nasty in the gross way – not the cool way. After he said that I was flabbergasted… Gash !? I'm not easily offended, actually I really don't get offended at all.. but Gash - ewww
Wow… of course after everyone heard that each one of the guys went on to contribute:

1) Gash
2) Hatchet Wound (Wow I’ve never ever heard that one!)
3) Cum Dumpster
4) Bearded Clam (Old and played out if you ask me)
5) Cum receptacle
6) Where Uncle’s doodle goes (The nasty loner at the bar contributed… hmm he’s scary)
7) Creamy Canal
8) Bubble Gum by the Bum (Hahaha so funny!)
9) The NOTORIOUS V.A.G (Another funny one)
10) Cunt (Ps. I love this word)

There were just soooo many I could go one but I’m sure you all know so many of them...

Monday, March 28, 2005


I like to view my weekends as a time for loads of sex... So my goals are always to have as much sex as possible. Now being a woman - this could be a very, very easy feat, yet I don't have one night stands and all the jazz, so I rely on the friends with benefits:

1) Morgan
2) BFWB (Best Friend with Benefits)

So Friday night I went out with Morgan and some others, we had a great time, I went back to Morgan's and totally assed-out (fell asleep) on him. I felt bad but I was just so drunk and tired - I hate it when alcohol hits you like that. Anyway I've recently told Morgan (in my drunken state) that if I'm sleeping and he's horny... please go ahead and take full advantage. So Saturday morning I woke up to him fingering me and about to enter with that great cock of his. MMMmmm what a great feeling to wake up to!! He fucked me for a while, it was slow and smooth and I was groggy and had a wicked hangover hitting me hard but that made it even the more better.

Sat night Morgan didn’t feel well, ok understandable but there I was home alone (the roommates were out for the night) and completely fuckable with no-one there to take care of my needs... it's just so frustrating! Well I just had to take care of it myself...

Sunday night again Morgan still somewhat sick went off to bed early, therefore I call the BFWB, he calls me back about two hours later and wants me to meet him at his job... sex at the point just wasn’t worth getting out of bed, getting dressed, and driving over to his job, I went to bed.

So my weekend had just one sexual encounter - what the hell is that about? I'm in my 20's I should be having all sorts of great sex...grrrrr

Well tomorrow night I go visit someone special, an older dominating man who just takes me as he pleases... I should have a great story on Wednesday!

xoxo ~ Naughty Girl

Friday, March 25, 2005

In the Jeep

Last night I had sex in the car, actually it was a Jeep Cherokee. Sex in cars is always fun, it's been a while since I've done that. It's not like I have to sneak around parents anymore... but the guy I was with - we'll call him Morgan (after his favorite liquor - Cap't Morgan) had never done it. Imagine that, being in your late 20's and have never had sex in car! Ok so he moved out of his parents house at a young age and always had his own place, I can see given that there's no need for sex in the car but hey - it's fun, why not try it!

So last night I granted him his wish. Sex in the back of his Jeep wasn't bad he had the seats down so there was plenty of room... we'll for me there was - I'm only 5 feet.

First he went down on me, then I on him but neither lasted too long he wanted to get right to fucking me... it was somewhat quick and rushed, he was fumbly and he kept looking out the back window for cops. It was like we were teenagers again... but still the sex just wasn't that great. I've been fucking Morgan for a while now so I know his potential, we are very good friends and I'm at his house practically every night - so why such bad Jeep sex? I'm puzzled by this and it's been bothering me, maybe it was just an off night or maybe he was just way nervous about cops... hmmm...

Thursday, March 24, 2005

On the Mind

I don't recall the statistics, and I could prolly easily look them up but I'm just in no mood for that - but it's said the men have sex on the mind for ____% of the day. Well I do as well, I'm not sure why or what it is... but I think about it all the time.
For instance...
Wherever I may be I'm usually people watching, mostly man watching... First I look for "the ring" I'm not sure why I do that, maybe it comes along with territory of being twenty-something and my body feels it's biological clock ticking... anyway I digress.
So the ring makes me think about some wild crazy affair we could have. If no ring, then I just think of the great sex, or I wonder what would be his favorite position, or how big, wide, small etc... his cock is. I wonder how he likes to suck on nipples; is he rough, soft - a little of both? A million questions go through my mind.
Men of authority: If I see a good looking man in uniform the very first notion that pops into my head - I'm on my knees in front of him sucking his cock like it's my job (oh wait - it IS my job!).

I mean - I'm sitting here at my desk in my office each day that I post, therefore sex - still on my mind!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Me, Myself & I

I've been told many times I have a Marilyn Monroe/Betty Boop sexiness to me with a hint of innocence.

I have a face that really hasn't changed much since I was young; I have pinch-able cheeks, big hazel eyes, and heart-shaped lips, not too full, not too thin. Everyone in the world tells me I have a gorgeous face....
I'm short, 5 feet to be exact, I'm voluptuous (aka, but I'm solid, nothing "jiggles" (yuck). I love my body and am very comfortable with it, I could improve it and that’s why I drag myself to the gym... I have great tits, I love my girls. I would post of picture of myself but if you noticed my blog is titled "The Unknown Naughty Girl" hence... the "unknown" part forbids me to post it...oh well...

Friday, March 18, 2005

Little Girl, Little Girl

Masturbation; mas·tur·ba·tion
Pronunciation: "mas-t&r-'bA-sh&n
Function: noun: erotic stimulation especially of one's own genital organs commonly resulting in orgasm and achieved by manual or other bodily contact exclusive of sexual intercourse, by instrumental manipulation, occasionally by sexual fantasies.

I started masturbating when I was very, very young; the earliest I could remember is maybe three years old. I had this stuffed animal that I would put under me, then I would rub my body into it, I didn't use my hands I would just grind my pelvis, and it felt so very good. At some point during this I would hold my breath and keep grinding till this amazing feeling took over my body... hence my first orgasm. I would do this almost every night, yet I knew I couldn't tell anyone for some reason I just knew not to ever let my parents catch me doing this. It's not like my mom told me not to touch myself or anything, she never said that... but I just knew to be careful.

As I got older I would start imagining stories and plots...
There was a man who would come into my bedroom, he would touch me, I didn't like it but I had to let him do it because I was scared of him... or the one I mostly thought of...I would be in a room on a table with men around me watching me masturbate, sometimes the men were right there in the room, sometimes they were behind a glass wall and if that was the case there was a man right there in the room with me -either standing over me or sitting in a chair. He wouldn't touch me but he would tell me "Do not stop". I always thought about men watching me and making me perform for them. I have absolutely no idea where I would have even gotten something like this I must have been about 5ish when I started having these fantasies... What five year old thinks about being in a room surrounded by men and masturbating for their pleasure?!

I loved to watch shows with helpless women who got tied up... I even started playing games with my siblings where someone was the "bad guy" others would be his crew, a few good guys and then the "victim" who was tied up, which would mostly be played by me.

In my late teens when I started dating and really "fooling around" with guys I would never masturbate in front of them. To date I really don't do it, I'm very uncomfortable masturbating in front of a man. My last boyfriend would take my hand guide it to my pussy and instruct me to do it, at first he wouldn't watch he would just lay next to me but later on he would start to watch. I still hated doing it, but I would do it for him because he enjoyed it... just like in my 5 yr. old fantasies.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Let the Drinking Begin

Happpy St. Patricks Day!
I really love NYC on St. Patricks Day, so many people wearing green, happy, celebrating and especially drunk.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Stranger at the Gas Station

A short update:
1) Broke up with the boyfriend, I wasn't so happy with him and no point in staying in an unhappy relationship!
2) I'm going away upstate this weekend with my sis and cousins and their boyfriends, hmmm now I'm thinking I should have kept the boyfriend around for this last weekend so I can have some good cabin sex... looks like I'll be packing some batteries*
3) I'm no longer mad at my friend... We made up (wink wink)

Last night I'm on my way to a friend’s house, I stopped to get a bag of ice. This man prolly around early 40's in a suit (very handsome yet is wearing a wedding band) comes up to me, and asks if I'm having a party. I looked at him like he had three heads and said no, he then pointed to the ice... I laughed and said no party tonight. Now for your info there is a very, very nice hotel across the street, he then asked me if I would like to join him at the bar there for a drink, I politely said no thank you. He then proceeded to try to convince me...
"Are you sure? You are really very cute; we'll have a good time."
Once again I said no thanks... I walked over to the counter to pay as he followed me replying:
"I have a beautiful room; we could have some fun, take a chance..."
I smiled and told him to have a good night.
Wow, well I definitely took that as a compliment and all, part of me even wanted to take him up, but I just couldn't do it. I've never done something like that and still couldn't.
As much as I love sex I can't have a one night stand with a stranger, I've never ever done that, it scares me, but also intrigues me.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Sex and Serentity?!

Last night, I went to the bar, met up with some friends I haven't seen in a little bit of a while, I had about 5 beers within an hour... The bar closed early; I was mad at a friend of mine who had some kind-of plan to do something kind-of stupid. In my buzzed and somewhat almost drunken state I attempted to stop him - note that I said "attempted". Well in the middle of my attempt, it occurred to me that my BWFB (Best friend with benefits) might be around... so I put in a call - he was free in about 30 minutes. Great I thought to myself, while at the same time I was in a rage of madness due to the other friend and continued with my plot to stop him. Throughout the next 30 minutes, things got a little crazy... and somewhere along the lines, my whole plan fell apart and I was unsuccessful – very unsuccessful.
I drive over to meet up with the BFWB, him knowing me as long as he does (about 10 years now) inevitably knew something was wrong... damn he's good~!
Now, lets keep in mind I've been drinking... so given the fact that I'm horny prolly about 90% of the time, the drinking just pushes the needle past 100. Within in 2 minutes, I'm kissing him, and within another 5 minutes I'm on my knees sucking his delicious cock.
An hour later... I'm finishing up a great, great blowjob and then I'm calm. I haven't altogether forgotten about the other friend I was angry at... it's just that I didn't really care anymore... I went home and fell asleep not a minute after I climbed into my bed.
Did I just replace anger and rage with the fulfillment and satisfaction of a sexual need/desire??
As I’m writing this entry, I’ve just come home from a shitty day at work, and I’m thinking would a blowjob and sex make it all better? Or does it make it all better for the moment, because when it comes down to it… I’m still mad at my friend.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


No, I haven't forgotten about my blog... just taking a short break...

The Naughty Girl will back very soon!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Blowjobs & Lollypops

My first blow job...
I was 14 one of my friends was older (17) and just got a new car, he picked me up and we drove around. He wasn't a very close friend or anything, I met him originally through another good friend we both had. To make what could be a long story short, he kissed me - I pulled away, he got angry and in the end he forced me to suck his dick. I clearly remember I was on my back; he was sitting on top of me his knees on my arms holding me down. I'm a fighter I had refused to open my mouth... put he simply held my nose long enough that I had no choice but to loosen my lips. He pushed his dick into my mouth; I knew what to do, sort of... He kept saying "Now be a good girl and suck my cock". I started sucking... but I was scared and nervous and definitely did not want to be doing that. He had threatened me as well about biting, but I thought to myself if I bit hard enough he would be in too much pain to grab me quick enough... So I did it, I bit down so fucking hard, I still have never heard a man scream like he did, and then I got myself up and ran... ran sooo fast home. I never spoke to him after that...
My next blowjob was about a year later, with a close friend of mine he ended up being my "BFWB" (Best friend with benefits) for about 10 years. I've always had an oral fixation, I sucked my thumb till I was 13, and throughout my days I always had something in my mouth, pens, straws and especially lollipops. To this day I have a bag of blow-pops in my glove compartment, and I always have a few with me.
I entirely love to give a man a blow job, I find it so submissive and powerful all at the same time. Being on my knees in front of a man, with my mouth open ready to take his cock is such a turn on; I am much more of a giver than receiver sexually speaking.
When I think of that first blow job it somewhat excites me, I know that's somewhat weird - but it does... What can I say?!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Internet

I first got AOL when I was about 14ish... What a bad place to be when your parents have no idea what goes on. I got a computer just a few months before and my mom had absolutely no interest and my dad - just kinda clueless with it...

I would go online and be amazed by how many people I can so easily chat with, first I started out in those teen chat rooms, but sooner than later I moved on to the adult rooms, many times I would just sit back and watch but the IM's came pouring in. Mostly men would IM me and when I told them I was 14, 95% of the time they wouldn't care. They would talk to me about sex, boys, and almost anything dirty you can think of ie - a man told me to let my dog lick my pussy, and so on... At 14 I was still very much a virgin, I prolly just kissed a boy or two and never really saw a penis (till some man e-mailed me a pic of his). But I was smart, smart beyond my years (as I still am) and had many opportunities to meet up with these men, but knew not to, besides I just liked the online flirting and teasing.

Through the years, I practically grew up online, I would stay up into the hours of the night chatting and reading online. Don't take this the wrong way, I certainly did not lock myself up and remain only on the comp. I led a very normal teenage life, very popular in high school, went out every weekend with friends, started drinking at 16 and surprisingly stayed a virgin till 18. But anytime I was home alone I was online talking to men....

I discovered new worlds online, the lifestyle of D/s which completely intrigued me. Fetishes, fetishes of kinds I now find normal and maybe because I was so exposed to this on the internet. Rape, an act so cruel and horrible, I even found to be somewhat fascinating....

I had "regulars" that I would talk to online. Each one of them I knew their turn-ons, I also kept notes on what I told them. I would sometimes make up stories about who I was, as I got older I learned that men love a young innocent girl, and if she's somehow tainted it may be even better. Depending on what has happened to her. To this day there are a select few I still talk to.

Naughty Girl

I'm 25 going on 26... I love sex; I love bad, naughty, fetish-like dirty sex. Only 3 people in my life really know this and of those 3, just one truly knows.

On the outside, I'm this sweet, successful, family orientated, girl with a new boyfriend. On the inside I crave sex, I love the sport of it, I love the naughtiness of kissing a married man, the sneakiness of running around with an ex lover.

More to come...