Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Internet

I first got AOL when I was about 14ish... What a bad place to be when your parents have no idea what goes on. I got a computer just a few months before and my mom had absolutely no interest and my dad - just kinda clueless with it...

I would go online and be amazed by how many people I can so easily chat with, first I started out in those teen chat rooms, but sooner than later I moved on to the adult rooms, many times I would just sit back and watch but the IM's came pouring in. Mostly men would IM me and when I told them I was 14, 95% of the time they wouldn't care. They would talk to me about sex, boys, and almost anything dirty you can think of ie - a man told me to let my dog lick my pussy, and so on... At 14 I was still very much a virgin, I prolly just kissed a boy or two and never really saw a penis (till some man e-mailed me a pic of his). But I was smart, smart beyond my years (as I still am) and had many opportunities to meet up with these men, but knew not to, besides I just liked the online flirting and teasing.

Through the years, I practically grew up online, I would stay up into the hours of the night chatting and reading online. Don't take this the wrong way, I certainly did not lock myself up and remain only on the comp. I led a very normal teenage life, very popular in high school, went out every weekend with friends, started drinking at 16 and surprisingly stayed a virgin till 18. But anytime I was home alone I was online talking to men....

I discovered new worlds online, the lifestyle of D/s which completely intrigued me. Fetishes, fetishes of kinds I now find normal and maybe because I was so exposed to this on the internet. Rape, an act so cruel and horrible, I even found to be somewhat fascinating....

I had "regulars" that I would talk to online. Each one of them I knew their turn-ons, I also kept notes on what I told them. I would sometimes make up stories about who I was, as I got older I learned that men love a young innocent girl, and if she's somehow tainted it may be even better. Depending on what has happened to her. To this day there are a select few I still talk to.


Blogger kelly said...

That was you!!!



3/01/2005 5:46 PM  
Blogger Joey said...

Maybe it was ;)

3/01/2005 8:50 PM  

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