Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sugar Scrub for One Please.

It's Friday, the end of an extremely long and trying week. Mr. (wonderful) Six and I have been fighting for the last few days. I think it might be one of our biggest arguments to date. I was/still am mad at him for reasons that I won't go into. He was fully at fault and it's pretty serious. I've been working late at the office to avoid him, when home I've barely spoken nor looked at him and worst of all, sleeping alone in our bed, while he slept on the couch. Then finally today he calls me at work to fix this or attempt to fix it. I'm happy because the fighting was getting to me! I need my husband, I need to snuggle and touch and fuck.

All I could think about on my way home was him touching me, it's been 3 days too long. His hands on my hips, my legs, my tits... His kiss, I miss him kissing me. 
I knew I would be home before him sooooo.... I went into my routine. Showered, sugar scrubbed, shaved everything - yes everything ;)  Lotioned, blew dry my hair, threw a little blush on, some lip gloss and waited for him to get home...

He did nothing. He does have to be up early, and I did annoy him with something he didn't do.. but still.. We made up and I needed him to really make up and make it up to me. What an idiot....

So here I am alone and deliciously bathed... I'm off to bed, I hope he realizes his ginormous mistake tomorrow!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did he finally come to his senses and realize what a good little slut u are and stretch your bald cunt? -JL

8/08/2012 4:29 PM  

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