Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Mr. Six, that's him - my Husband.
No, "six" is not representative of this length, he wanted me to make that clear. As he's quite proud of his cock (yea I'll give it to him, it's a nice one!!)

Anyhow, we met unconventionally, yet for me it was quite conventional! It was at a place online, where people have the same sort of sexual interests. I wouldn't say-"Never, would I have imagined marrying someone from there". It was more like I had secretly hoped I would meet the male version of myself - a normal person of society, good family, good job with extra kinky/dirty interests.

And I did!
It wasn't exactly a talk~ meet~ date~fall in love romance.
It was more like a
talk~talk~talk~.........................guy disappears..................... ~5 months later~talk~talk~meet~date~fall in love.

I gave him a second chance after disappearing on me  - and good thing I did!

Did I play hard to get? - Not really. Did I wait that certain amount of time a girl should before sleeping with him? Did I ever?? (well.. once in a while). But not with Mr. Six, the attraction - the charge, it was there!

We dated for about a year and a half then he proposed  *swoon*. I never actually believed I would marry someone who could sexually fulfill me as I needed to be. I knew I would eventually get over Morgan. I knew I would find a man that has great redeeming qualities - sweet, trustful, honest, handsome, caring, funny, etc... (in no specific order there)  But with my D/s aspect?!?!  He is all of it.

Mr. Six; he's always funny, has bouts of moodiness, and his sweetness is always hanging around, in the bedroom; the Dominant I need ~ usually. We do have great vanilla sex as well. He's smart, caring loves animals, at times serious, he has a military background which like many of our soldiers, has left him slightly fucked up. He's made a lot of sacrifices to be with me, he cherishes me and says no one has ever loved him as much as I do.
After our third date; he jumped feet first into my life. What was important to me, became important to him and no one I have ever been with had done that so quickly. They all tip-toed around and needed time. But not Mr. Six, he was immersed in my life and I was never happier and still am.

We have an interesting marriage. It's fun, tough, really tough at times, silly, hot ~ so fucking hot. Everything is passionate with us. Our talks, our fights (yea, we're each very passionate about our own arguments), and of course our sex.

We go through ups and downs with sex, I guess everyone does, right?  Maybe it's not so much ups and downs, more like Hot/Warm/Luke Warm. Lately, we're on fire! It's like we're dating again. We spent the past weekend forgetting about laundry, dishes, dusting, vacuuming, and just fucked. Fucked all weekend long. In the shower, over the couch, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, and over and over again. It was so often that by Sunday afternoon my poor little pussy was sore... but that didn't stop us.


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