Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Adventures of Captain Morgan and the One-Eyed Joey

Last week Morgan and I were rolling around in bed, just play fighting and having some silly fun.
He had bought a new porno and was somewhat pissed off because the girl on the front was no where to be found. He wanted me to "double check" it, yea ok Morgan... right!

"Hey Joey lets watch this porn, I don't see this girl in it at all, can you make sure I'm not going crazy! "

Lol, I do love Morgan, he knows that I have no problem watching porn. Yet he'll find that silly excuse to put it just for fun. Actually I've been told that I'm one of few women who can actually watch porn like I'm watching a TV show. (Is this true; are there a limited number of women who will watch porn even if it doesn’t turn them on?) But seriously I can, if the porn just happens not to be my thing or really doesn't turn me on I can sit and watch as I would with a TV show.

Meanwhile, I'm watching and he's in his cute, sexy, witty mood, trying to get me all hot and bothered, kissing me, tickling me... licking me sucking me - eating my cunt. Accomplished!

Morgan loves to play with "the kitty" as he calls it. He loves to go down on me (which yes still boggles my mind) and after he's done, he'll lie next to me on his side down by my legs... keeping them spread open and play with me there. He fingers me and touches me mostly it's soft and nice, sometimes here and there he'll be a little rougher. Well we all know I enjoy it rougher ;) and I was in the mood for a something like that. As he's fingering me I start pushing down onto his fingers hard, Mr. Intuitive then slips another finger in, and another, he pushing them in and out faster as my hips thrust against his fingers. I get lost in the feeling, I stop concentrating and trying to figure out what he's doing (I have a bad habit of this, if a man is down there pleasuring me with his hand, toys, objects whatever it may be if I’m not sure, I relish in the pleasure of it all but at the same time I like to try to figure out what the hell he is doing, what is he using, if it's his hand, how is it positioned how many fingers are there. I don't want to see... if I did I'd just use a mirror. But this is just what I do) Meanwhile, I'm lost in this amazing feeling, and whatever he's doing feels so fucking good. He's never done this before. I feel my pussy spreading further taking more of his hand, and damn it hurts, but it hurts soooo good. My hips are thrusting, my back is arched, my nipples are hard as knobs, and I'm so turned on, fucking his fingers... I keep hitting this point where it won't go further in, I'm trying so hard to push my body down onto him, but it can't, it won't.

I'm thinking it's his fist, no one's ever attempted to fist me, but that’s certainly what it feels like so I figure that's got to be it. And I want it, want it so badly, I want his fist in me, I want his fist fucking my pussy, I want to be filled, I want it to hurt.
My hands are gripping the bars of his headboard above me giving me more leverage to push down onto him, my hips are grinding with his hand my whole body is in this, I'm moaning and if it weren't for the neighbors above there'd prolly be a bit of screaming. Still I can't get past this point, it hurts, I'm pushing down, I'm wet, I'm soaked, his hand is soaked, I feel my juices running down my cunt. He's fucking me hard with his hand, and from all of this I just explode, my body shuddering, I cry out not caring about the neighbors, quivering, and cumming.

Mmmm.. I lie there quietly resting, amazed... Morgan is looking down at me and all I could repeat was thank you. I feel him rubbing his cock against my leg; I know he wants to cum.
He gets up standing on his knees over me and rubs his cock, he starts masturbating while standing over me... I play with nipples for him and open my mouth, stick out my tongue. With his other hand he lightly pushes my chin up, so that I close my mouth. Then he says "Can I cum on your face". (Hold everything - No one has ever, ever, ever-ever-ever cum on my face!.......................................Ehh - Let's go for it.)
Looking up at him, "Yes, cum on my face", I watch him masturbate over me, not a minute later I see he's right about to cum.
I close my eyes, (I have a small urge to tighten my eyes shut and scrinch up my face but I know better!) I lay there with a small sly smile awaiting.... then his hot cum is squirting out on my chin, across my lips, over my nose and through the woods... (couldn’t help myself there folks). Err.. where was I... ok,over my nose, across my eyelid and onto my forehead! WOW. I laid there for a minute letting him breath and enjoy his moment (granted I felt silly with his cum spewed across my face). He gets up to get me some toilet paper, as I’m wiping his cum off ... I get it in MY EYE. Like are freaking kidding me??? How did I manage that?? The left eye was fine but damnit damn it damn it - slowly I feel the burning. I go to the loo (I’ve decided that the English have chosen a much better word than bathroom, and I intend on using it!) Rinse out my poor right eye, and wash my face off... My eye is bloodshot and stinging. Morgan feels bad, really bad (yes he actually does - don't you all dare tell me he faked that) I tell him it's not his fault and that I'm the moron who wiped it the wrong way. I start giggling over the whole thing, he starts laughing along with me... Cum in my eye, this must happen to every girl at one point in her life?!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Panick Button

Elaborating (much) more from my night with Morgan on the last post:

After we finished watching the Simpsons & Family Guy (our fav. shows), we let the fun begin!
Getting right to the point here:

We're in the upside-down-69-position (him on top of me) his cock is pressed between my tits and his hips are slowly thrusting back and forth, I'm licking and sucking his balls, then my tongue moves upward to "that spot" (between his balls and ass). I start to lightly suck, and lick, one of my hands are on his hip digging my nails in, the other is on his ass cheek lightly dragging my nails up and down. My tongue moves back downward to his balls, as I continue to suck them. I then have this notion; why not try the "Panic Button" (a term a friend of mine coined for his prostate). I lick my finger and slowly massage that spot I start moving my finger towards his ass,

I'm unsure if I can actually do this. I know we've spoken about it.

I remembered the time he asked me if I knew about the prostate and how a guy can cum from it. He was amazed, and had never heard of it before - my reaction - Haven't you ever watched American Pie? He asked me if I ever did it, I hadn't but I've been asked before.

I think... well, Joey now’s the time to go for it, I move my finger closer to the area and start rubbing his asshole I lightly rub and he doesn't motion for me to move away, actually he's happily eating out my pussy. I do this for a while making sure my finger is nice and wet for him. While I'm rubbing his hole, I've now taken his cock back in my mouth and am sucking it nice and slow and tight up and down sucking hard.

I begin to push my finger in just a tiny bit, and the thoughts fill my head with exactly what I'm doing here.
Hello - your putting you finger in this guys ass!
I try to stop thinking about this in that kind of way, I think about each time he's done it to me with no problem, and how people actually lick each others hole's - I can do this, it's just a finger Joey.
I slowly push my finger in a bit and leave it there; he makes a little noise while he's sucking my clit... I have no idea what the noise means, was it a groan? a moan? and uhoh type of noise?
I leave my finger there and continue sucking his cock, I push it a little further while at the same time I cannot believe I'm doing this!
At the same time I almost have no idea what I’m doing, where is the prostate? How far is it, how much further do I go, is he gonna freak out on me, well I've gotten this far and he’s not freaking.
I take my finger out and softly rub the area while sucking his balls, he then says - "Was you finger just in my ass" I say yes, and that’s it - he says nothing else
I pull my finger out a bit and push back in, the area is nice and wet but I’m sure some lube would help...yet I'm certainly not about to get him off of me to find some lube, and if he really wanted me to stop - he would just say so -wouldn’t he?!
This goes on for little while then I push my finger in further than I have before this whole time and all of a sudden his cocks becomes fully fully erect and hard! Mmmmm I love it, this has got to be working! I push in much further and slowly I hit something... quickly he ass tightens and pushes my finger out his body quivers on top of me, I go on sucking his cock harder and faster, then within the next minute he cums... and cums.. and cums... I must have swallowed 3-4 mouthfuls of cum... DAMN

So I did it, I finally did - I hit the panic button and succeeded.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Delivering Myself

Wednesday night I go see CT, my Dom. I arrive expecting to be severely punished, as I have not been there in quite a while now.

When I pull up I see him waiting for me outside, I park my car, walk across the street and round the corner and turn to the front of his house. He's already gone inside and waits for me by the door. Each and every time I stand in front of that house I remember just how I felt the first time I visited - scared. I slowly walk up the steps 4 or 5 of them; I always walk up the middle of the steps never to the right or left and slowly, I'm not sure if I think walking slowly would buy me time, but as I walk up the small path and up the steps I prepare myself to be used, knowing that I'm delivering myself to this man for his use.
The lights are always off, it's dark and that makes me nervous, I open the glass door, he is standing near the main door I step inside. There are no hellos as I'm always instructed to be silent. He orders me to take my shoes off. He guides me to his Bowflex “Straddle it”. I sit down on the Bowflex straddling it facing him he stands in front of me and unzips his jeans ”Suck”. I open my mouth and take his fat cock into my mouth he's not quite hard, not quite soft. As his cock enters my mouth it quickly begins to harden. I love that feeling of a cock hardening in my mouth and throat. As I’m sucking his left hand in on my head and his right hand reaches under my chin and he cups my throat like he’s feeding his cock to me. I only suck his cock for a few minutes. He pulls me up, hands me a thick strong branch from a tree and a thinner small branch "hold those", then he leads me upstairs to his bedroom.

I put the branches down on the table half knowing what they are for and wondering if I'm right.
He has me sit on his bed and he stands in front of me, again I'm sucking his cock. As I'm sucking his cock he removes my shirt and bra all in one swoop, lifting everything over my head and arms at once. He does it roughly with no concern of mine. After a few minutes he pulls away and lays me down on the bed, he kisses me actually he engulfs my mouth. I pull away, I hate the way he seizes my mouth; his lips over mine his tongue deep deep inside my mouth. Punishment for pulling away - he grabs my throat, choking me with his giant hands and tells me I'm never to pull away from him, I'm his cunt, his slut, his slave and I'll do as told. He chokes me till I agree with him, which I do somewhat quickly. He continues to swallow my face, one hand resting on my neck ready to grab should I disobey. He then stops and lays next to me he tells me that tonight he will test me; testing me to make sure I'm serious about this. He slaps my face lightly, "Do you understand?" I nod. We lay there my jeans still on, he pinches my nipples, lightly touches my skin on my stomach, slaps my face lightly - I wince. He slaps it again a bit harder, I whimper bit... This time he slaps my tit, I cry out, then my face harder this time, I cry out louder... "good girl, that’s a good girl." He starts shoving his hand down my pants grabbing at my pussy. He pulls his hand out and grabs my thighs, my hips, my waist, he begins to grope me. As he is at my thighs he feels the small hole I have in my jeans on the inside thigh... I'll skip this next part where he RIPS my jeans I get furious and we have an argument.

He takes my jeans and thong off (once again all in one swoop pulling both right down my legs). I'm lying on the bed and he's on his knees looking down at me. Sometimes when I'm with him I feel like a little girl about to be ravaged buy this large older man, who is so much stronger than I. That’s how I felt at that moment, he's over me holding his cock ready to mount me, to take my cunt, use it, fuck it. He lines his cock up to my cunt, spreads my legs wider & pushes in. I cry out... it hurts. I've never had a cock this size in me, the girth of his cock is just so big, he hurts me as he fucks my cunt; it feels like my first time all over again. I can feel his fat cock stretching me, I cry out in pain as he's over me pumping me harder, I know he loves that it hurts me. I spread my legs wide one foot high against the window sill the other leg spread out, my hands pushing down against the inside of my thighs spreading my cunt hole for him. In and out he pumps his cock into me, as it starts feeling a bit better, I thrust my hips into him, he's above me grunting and fucking me like an animal, "that's it fuck my cock he grunts". He relentlessly drives his cock in and out of me... he fucks me till my pussy feels raw inside. He eventually pulls out and cums on my belly.

We lie for a while and chat about what’s going on in our lives, movies.. that stuff. After a while of chatting all of a sudden he grabs my hair "Suck my cock"...I slink down to the bottom of the bed, move between his legs, and milk his cock with my mouth. After about 15 minutes he pulls me up on top of him and teases my cunt with his cock, he brushes my cunt with it. Rubbing his cock-head on my clit, I want so badly to push down but he won't let me, as well he's not wearing a condom... Then he starts to rub his cock all the while as I'm lying on top of him.. I try to grind my cunt on his hand and he's rubbing his cock but he orders me to stop he then sucks on my tit... I'm dying to cum and I'm jealous as he masturbates I beg him to fuck me he tells me to be silent... and then, then he cums on my leg.

He never used the branches on me, and he really didn't test me either... I questioned him and he said the he couldn't use the branches because he doesn't like to hurt me unless absolutely possible (I would like to him to hurt me - at least a little bit). Then I questioned him about the testing bit; he claimed that the night wasn't right for it.

I ended up falling asleep and then left early in the morning.
The next night I went to Morgan’s, we were in the upside down 69 position (guy on top) for about 30-40 minutes, just devouring each other it was amazing! I drank such a load of his cum.

I love having those great nights’ back to back, swallowing 2 different loads of cum those nights, two very different men, 2 very different cocks... So much fun!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

But Officer

Last night I decided to go to Barnes & Noble to find a new book to read.
Driving on the highway, it's a beautiful twilight sky - not too dark, not too light out. Windows down, hair blowing in the wind, good music on, and chatting with my good friend on the cell phone. As I merge from one highway onto another... I spy a State Trooper in the left lane who's just made eye contact with me. - DAMN!
Inevitably he pulls me over... DAMN DAMN DAMN.

He walks over, a tall black man (somewhat nice looking), - License & registration... I fumble through the lollipops that fill my glove compartment looking for my registration. I can't find it - I look up at him and apologize, surprisingly he's quite nice and says that's ok take your time. While I'm searching for the reg. I'm hoping that he sees the PBA card marked that I'm a Nurse in my window (No, I'm not a nurse - I just know the right people in the right places to get me that!) Meanwhile, I find it and then give him my expired license with the registration. He looks at me and says do you know why I pulled you over.... I take a minute and consider telling him that my sister just gave birth and I had to take the call... I don't know what came over me - but I just couldn't do it - I looked at him and in a soft defeated low voice... I was on my cell phone. I was thinking that the cuteness of that would get me out .. it didn't.
I wanted to say Hey please lets make a deal, I'll suck your cock right here right now, just don't ticket me. Unzip those pants and I'll suck you right here through my window.. (hot)
Back to reality- HA I would never do that!

He went back to his car ..... 18 minutes later - yes 18 freaking minutes later. He says over his PA - Driver please step out of the car... I thought that's what I heard... I looked at him in the mirror and he motioned for me to go over to him. I wasn't sure what to do at that point.. As a woman I didn't find it very safe for me to step out of my car... but at the same time he was really nice and he definitely was a trooper. So out I step, I walk over to the passenger side (because he pointed for me to) but also because it's a safer side away from traffic. I bent over into the window - yes he had a clear shot of my cleavage - meanwhile he asks if I've recently renewed my license and points to his computer where it shows that I'm expired. I pretend I have no idea I was suppose to... He lets me off for the expired license, has me promise him I'll renew it tomorrow and gives me a ticket for the cell phone.

I still haven't renewed it... I'll get to it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Massaged to mush

Lying on the couch watching TV with my sis, looking up at the clock, 10:30p.m. I call Morgan...
How's the bar?
It's ok.
Is it packed?
Not really, are you coming?
Ehh, I'm not sure
Is everyone there? (Everyone referring to the regulars we hang out with)
They are on their way, I just talked to em'
So are you coming?
Maybe, I'll see.

I hang-up the phone my sis glances over, Are you going? I'm not sure I reply.
I do that weighing motion with my hands and say; Go to the Bar, Go to bed? Go to the Bar, Go to bed? Go to the Bar, Go to bed?
I get up walk to my bedroom... I walk back to the living room and bid a good evening to my sis and her bf.
I get into bed, and pass out.

I wake up Saturday morning to a few messages at about 2:30am from Morgan, asking where I was, and that he was going home and to bed. Where did he think I was - at another bar... yea .. ok.

I spent Saturday running around taking care of errands with my sis.
Saturday night I went to Morgans. My lower back has been killing me so he gave me 15 min massages every 20-30 min.'s - needless to say I was in heaven! We were both pretty tired, but I know Morgan really needed a good night’s rest, so I decided to go home. Home, lying in bed, my cell rings - its Morgan...
Hey after you left I can't get back to sleep and I'm wide awake
Yea me too, I'm still awake
Come back over
Naw that’s crazy I'm already in bed
Oh alright..
We chat for a little while longer... then I finally fall asleep.

Sunday I spent with the fam. as it was Mother's Day...
Now Tuesday, I'm really horny at work all day and would love to see Morgan tonight but I don't see that happening - I'm going tanning tonight. I decided to do the spray tanning, in which your not suppose to shower afterwards or get sweaty...hence no sex.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Blinded by the ...

Blind Dates suck, but we all know that already.
Every time I have a date I get really nervous that he won't like my looks. But each time over and over it's the other way around... he's ucky and I'm not into him.
Last night I'm standing outside the bar we decide to meet at and walking down the block I see him... or I'm pretty sure it was him... this little short blonde man.
I try to keep a straight face and my composure, I walk up to him and introduce myself... we enter the bar. He was shorter than me (in my heels) but still that's really short I’m about 5'3 in heels. We take a small table across from the bar and as we are talking I immediately notice that one of his eyes are way smaller than the other - ok I put it aside, this could have happened in an accident or whatever. My mom and sis keep telling me to stop judging by outward appearance. I try to but physical attraction does matter, and this dude is kinda turning me off. I'm well aware that personality can prevail (BFWB & Morgan are not exactly the dreamiest of men) but as we are sitting there chatting - I could tell, he doesn't get me. This rarely happens - but he really doesn't get me; my humor, my diction... he just doesn't get me. I'm freaking adorable, I'm hysterical and have a great smile and laugh (I've been told this by so many people that I feel confident enough to say this) and when all else fails I've got a beautiful chest.. lol... kidding there - ok but I do! Although this little man would prolly get lost in my chest. He ends up being pretty boring, I ask him questions and it' s like pulling teeth, and when he does answer me it's slow and boring, I start daydreaming about what it would be like if he were fucking me ... ewww ewww ewww get that image out of my head!
Anyway an hour later, we are leaving the bar (YAY) and it's time to head on home.

I'm horny today, very horny I need to see Morgan tonight. I want some hot sweaty sex so badly right now, I can't even think of working right now... although I just smelled smoke let me go investigate this.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


I've decided to rename the Dom to CT. Well CT is pretty upset with me, he says I'm disobedient. He told me on Monday that I was to serve myself to him, as many of you know Monday was Morgan's birthday- therefore I couldn’t make it to CT. He said that no matter what, I should make it my goal to get there to at least swallow his cum. Then he told me I wasn't a real slave...
Well guess what, I'm not a real slave and I have a life, but just as well I'm torn. I want to keep him happy I want swallow his cum, I want to get my ass over there so that he can use me as he wishes - but my life supersedes. I tried calling him to talk and apologize but he didn't answer nor did he return my call.

I have a blind date tonight, I've never had a real blind date I've always at least traded pics, we have no idea what the other looks like - scary! My doctor gave my number to him. He's really very Jewish; we spoke on the phone and I could just hear it. He's successful and lives on the UWS (Upper West Side for all you non-New Yorkers). Successful is important but I've never ever based my decisions of dating someone on that. I've only dated one Jewish guy and that was ok - he was the most recent bf. I'm sure my whole damn family would be happy if I dated more Jews but they are such weenie mama's boys. I just click well, and how could I not like those yummy Italians, and Irish guys!? I'll keep you posted on the date.

I talked to the BFWB, he knew why I was mad but didn't call right away because he likes to give me a "cool down period", I should have realized this - he always did that back in the day when we were closer friends and would get into arguments. Yet, the "cool down period" always made me a little angrier. Anyhoo, we talked it out and he apologized for being rude and disrespectful, I told him I just don't understand I'm soo freaking easy-going how does he manage to make me angry or upset. I still wont' see him right away, I'm going to make him wait before he feels my lips wrapped around his cock again.

Monday, May 02, 2005

F, for Fail.

I'll just come out and say it - Saturday night was a flop.

I suck - lol... and that’s about all I did, well actually... errr... ok here's the disappointing story:

The day started off badly. Morgan wasn't feeling well therefore he didn’t want to go to a hotel and his cabin was in use by other family members. Neither did we go to the sex shop to get some hot new porn and toys - so there already was a bit of a damper on the evening.
I arrived later than expected, due to him not feeling so well. I got there at about 8:30ish, right off the bat I think he could tell I wasn't right - I was actually so tired. We both had had about 3-4 hours of sleep the past two earlier nights. We hung out and bullshitted for a while...
I gave him a 45 minute massage it was AMAZING. Even I could tell just how damn good it was, He was thoroughly pleased. I would have gone the full 60 minutes but my hands were really starting to cramp. During the massage he had on his Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble DVD of a 1985 show (quality*) - it made for good massaging music.
After the massage I was seriously done, sooo tired, I can't even describe. I wasn't in the mode nor mood I should have been in; as well I wasn't looking forward to what was supposed to come next.
I couldn't do it - I couldn't do anything. I think I was just so panicky about the whole thing - that my body's response and my brain's excuse was exhaustion.

Side note:
After work on Friday I went with a friend to the sex shop by our office, she told me start with something simple - like a cock ring she also threw in some anal beads (we know - those are not exactly simple, but I knew it was something he wanted to try with me) well they weren't exactly beads, they were silicone ehhh - hard to explain. Meanwhile somewhere along the way I LOST the cock ring. I realize the loss about 5 minutes before leaving for his place, with the new item lost - I panic (again). I can do the cock ring it was such a baby step to lead up to the tying and blindfolding and anal silicony thingies. But now, now without that - Holy Shit.

After the massage I told him - give me a minute or few I just need to rest, I laid back on the bed. He knew it, knew it - my drowsiness was evident. He just gave me a look and all I could do was apologize... "I'm so sorry, but I'm so tired, can I pleeeease make it up to you?!" "At least it's not really your b-day, that's it - I'll make it up to you on your birthday, Monday". (Who am I to go and make promises about making this up to him - when my whole reasoning for being so tired is prolly to avoid the whole thing.)
He tells me its ok - and kisses my forehead, I know he's disappointed.

As I'm lying on the bed next to him falling asleep, he gets up, comes back over, blindfolds me and leads me to "the chair". I'm in no mood to be tied and used or punished or whatever - just let me sleep. He ties me to the chair leaving on only my corset and knee high black boots. He tells me that I've been bad and should be immediately punished... I feel the end of the crop brush softly against my nipples then it traces along my skin to my face, my cheek.....
I was actually so relaxed and drowsy that I could have fallen asleep just like that... SLAP
I feel the crop come down across my breast. I cry out, he hits the other- SLAP, I cry out again.
He again tells me I've been bad, I apologize, he teases my cunt with his crop... He teases my lips with his cock, my mouth opens and I reach to take it in, but he pulls back telling me - thought you were too tired, aren't you too tired and exhausted...
SLAP... the crop comes down across my thigh...
After about 20 minutes of punishment he unties me, we go back to bed, I suck him... then as I lay back down to finally get some sleep... he comes from behind me and starts fucking me... and fucking me, and fucking me I wanted to almost beg him to stop but I wouldn't dare - I felt bad enough that I ruined the night.... He finished and cumes all over my ass, he then wipes it up and I fall asleep next to him still in my corset and black boots.