Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Massaged to mush

Lying on the couch watching TV with my sis, looking up at the clock, 10:30p.m. I call Morgan...
How's the bar?
It's ok.
Is it packed?
Not really, are you coming?
Ehh, I'm not sure
Is everyone there? (Everyone referring to the regulars we hang out with)
They are on their way, I just talked to em'
So are you coming?
Maybe, I'll see.

I hang-up the phone my sis glances over, Are you going? I'm not sure I reply.
I do that weighing motion with my hands and say; Go to the Bar, Go to bed? Go to the Bar, Go to bed? Go to the Bar, Go to bed?
I get up walk to my bedroom... I walk back to the living room and bid a good evening to my sis and her bf.
I get into bed, and pass out.

I wake up Saturday morning to a few messages at about 2:30am from Morgan, asking where I was, and that he was going home and to bed. Where did he think I was - at another bar... yea .. ok.

I spent Saturday running around taking care of errands with my sis.
Saturday night I went to Morgans. My lower back has been killing me so he gave me 15 min massages every 20-30 min.'s - needless to say I was in heaven! We were both pretty tired, but I know Morgan really needed a good night’s rest, so I decided to go home. Home, lying in bed, my cell rings - its Morgan...
Hey after you left I can't get back to sleep and I'm wide awake
Yea me too, I'm still awake
Come back over
Naw that’s crazy I'm already in bed
Oh alright..
We chat for a little while longer... then I finally fall asleep.

Sunday I spent with the fam. as it was Mother's Day...
Now Tuesday, I'm really horny at work all day and would love to see Morgan tonight but I don't see that happening - I'm going tanning tonight. I decided to do the spray tanning, in which your not suppose to shower afterwards or get sweaty...hence no sex.


Anonymous SJR said...

So how long do you have to wait after you apply the tanning stuff to have sex? I mean, there you are all horny and tan, would be a crime for a guy to know that and not be able to help you out!

5/11/2005 9:17 AM  
Blogger Joey said...

After a spray tan you should wait something like 6 hours i think...
I ended up not going tanning - I'll go on Thursday.

5/11/2005 12:02 PM  
Anonymous SJR said...

Ah good to know! I hit the tanning booth once in a while but have never done the spray thing. So, what DID you end up doing? ;)

5/11/2005 1:46 PM  
Blogger Joey said...

Well, I was going to see Morgan, but last minute he went to the Yankees game and got home waaaay late. So I ended up in bed watching reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond. - Exciting night.

5/11/2005 2:58 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

yes, Raymond is such an exciting guy isn't he?;-)

5/12/2005 6:07 AM  

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