Friday, May 13, 2005

Delivering Myself

Wednesday night I go see CT, my Dom. I arrive expecting to be severely punished, as I have not been there in quite a while now.

When I pull up I see him waiting for me outside, I park my car, walk across the street and round the corner and turn to the front of his house. He's already gone inside and waits for me by the door. Each and every time I stand in front of that house I remember just how I felt the first time I visited - scared. I slowly walk up the steps 4 or 5 of them; I always walk up the middle of the steps never to the right or left and slowly, I'm not sure if I think walking slowly would buy me time, but as I walk up the small path and up the steps I prepare myself to be used, knowing that I'm delivering myself to this man for his use.
The lights are always off, it's dark and that makes me nervous, I open the glass door, he is standing near the main door I step inside. There are no hellos as I'm always instructed to be silent. He orders me to take my shoes off. He guides me to his Bowflex “Straddle it”. I sit down on the Bowflex straddling it facing him he stands in front of me and unzips his jeans ”Suck”. I open my mouth and take his fat cock into my mouth he's not quite hard, not quite soft. As his cock enters my mouth it quickly begins to harden. I love that feeling of a cock hardening in my mouth and throat. As I’m sucking his left hand in on my head and his right hand reaches under my chin and he cups my throat like he’s feeding his cock to me. I only suck his cock for a few minutes. He pulls me up, hands me a thick strong branch from a tree and a thinner small branch "hold those", then he leads me upstairs to his bedroom.

I put the branches down on the table half knowing what they are for and wondering if I'm right.
He has me sit on his bed and he stands in front of me, again I'm sucking his cock. As I'm sucking his cock he removes my shirt and bra all in one swoop, lifting everything over my head and arms at once. He does it roughly with no concern of mine. After a few minutes he pulls away and lays me down on the bed, he kisses me actually he engulfs my mouth. I pull away, I hate the way he seizes my mouth; his lips over mine his tongue deep deep inside my mouth. Punishment for pulling away - he grabs my throat, choking me with his giant hands and tells me I'm never to pull away from him, I'm his cunt, his slut, his slave and I'll do as told. He chokes me till I agree with him, which I do somewhat quickly. He continues to swallow my face, one hand resting on my neck ready to grab should I disobey. He then stops and lays next to me he tells me that tonight he will test me; testing me to make sure I'm serious about this. He slaps my face lightly, "Do you understand?" I nod. We lay there my jeans still on, he pinches my nipples, lightly touches my skin on my stomach, slaps my face lightly - I wince. He slaps it again a bit harder, I whimper bit... This time he slaps my tit, I cry out, then my face harder this time, I cry out louder... "good girl, that’s a good girl." He starts shoving his hand down my pants grabbing at my pussy. He pulls his hand out and grabs my thighs, my hips, my waist, he begins to grope me. As he is at my thighs he feels the small hole I have in my jeans on the inside thigh... I'll skip this next part where he RIPS my jeans I get furious and we have an argument.

He takes my jeans and thong off (once again all in one swoop pulling both right down my legs). I'm lying on the bed and he's on his knees looking down at me. Sometimes when I'm with him I feel like a little girl about to be ravaged buy this large older man, who is so much stronger than I. That’s how I felt at that moment, he's over me holding his cock ready to mount me, to take my cunt, use it, fuck it. He lines his cock up to my cunt, spreads my legs wider & pushes in. I cry out... it hurts. I've never had a cock this size in me, the girth of his cock is just so big, he hurts me as he fucks my cunt; it feels like my first time all over again. I can feel his fat cock stretching me, I cry out in pain as he's over me pumping me harder, I know he loves that it hurts me. I spread my legs wide one foot high against the window sill the other leg spread out, my hands pushing down against the inside of my thighs spreading my cunt hole for him. In and out he pumps his cock into me, as it starts feeling a bit better, I thrust my hips into him, he's above me grunting and fucking me like an animal, "that's it fuck my cock he grunts". He relentlessly drives his cock in and out of me... he fucks me till my pussy feels raw inside. He eventually pulls out and cums on my belly.

We lie for a while and chat about what’s going on in our lives, movies.. that stuff. After a while of chatting all of a sudden he grabs my hair "Suck my cock"...I slink down to the bottom of the bed, move between his legs, and milk his cock with my mouth. After about 15 minutes he pulls me up on top of him and teases my cunt with his cock, he brushes my cunt with it. Rubbing his cock-head on my clit, I want so badly to push down but he won't let me, as well he's not wearing a condom... Then he starts to rub his cock all the while as I'm lying on top of him.. I try to grind my cunt on his hand and he's rubbing his cock but he orders me to stop he then sucks on my tit... I'm dying to cum and I'm jealous as he masturbates I beg him to fuck me he tells me to be silent... and then, then he cums on my leg.

He never used the branches on me, and he really didn't test me either... I questioned him and he said the he couldn't use the branches because he doesn't like to hurt me unless absolutely possible (I would like to him to hurt me - at least a little bit). Then I questioned him about the testing bit; he claimed that the night wasn't right for it.

I ended up falling asleep and then left early in the morning.
The next night I went to Morgan’s, we were in the upside down 69 position (guy on top) for about 30-40 minutes, just devouring each other it was amazing! I drank such a load of his cum.

I love having those great nights’ back to back, swallowing 2 different loads of cum those nights, two very different men, 2 very different cocks... So much fun!


Blogger rodtalks said...

You're a HOT naughty girl....and I love it!

5/17/2005 4:44 AM  
Anonymous SJR said...

Phew... damn. It's all of a sudden very hot here in my office.

Very naughty, very nice!

5/17/2005 9:19 AM  
Blogger Michael K said...

Damn that story was so hot Joey! I especially love that you got pissed off because he ripped your jeans! I would've been so fucking mad!

5/17/2005 2:39 PM  

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