Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Animalistic Attractions

Phone rings, rings, rings, rings, rings -
"Hi, I can't get to the phone right now please leave me a message and I'll get back to ya."
(Ohh Yay -Voicemail!)

"Hey, it's Joey. I'm at work right now it's about 4:30ish and I'm so horny, not only am I horny but my pussy is dripping wet. I need to suck your cock tonight. All I could think about is your cock deep, deep in my throat, while you hold my head down onto it. Let’s get together, call me back."

I get home, walk into my bedroom and throw my bag onto my bed. My cell phone rings, and I see that it's him. I'm excited but I decide not to answer it, I let it go to voicemail. I minute later I have voicemail!

"Hey, I don't know if you're fucking with my cock or whatever, but my dick is so fucking swollen and rock hard after that message and mmmm your voice, delicious as always! I hope your pussy stays wet cause I would love to fuck it and fuck it and fuck it.
I'll even take you into the woods if you want, or we could go somewhere else, we'll worry about that later. Gimme a call back and let me know what you wanna do. I'm really looking forward to seeing ya.
PLEASE - - GIVE- - ME - - A - - CALL!
Talk to you later - Byeee "

I hang up the phone with a smile across my face... mmm I'm having some hott sex tonight!

I call him back, he's out with his dad, blah blah blah - we'll see each other later tonight, he'll call me back. At about 9:00 I get some text messages from him we decide to meet in about an hour.
I've showered, shaved, put on a cute thong, my hot lacey bra, a skirt, a touch of makeup and am ready to go at 10ish. He calls me - begs me to wear something fun, and begs for a thong. I tell him - hmmm I'll see.
I'm so excited I'm wearing a skirt for him, in the 10+ years the BFWB and I been hooking up I've never ever worn a skirt, I'm thinking he'll be quite the happy man tonight.

I end up going to his new home (yay!), I park a block away (he lives with a family member who hates me, so we don't want them knowing I'm there less they come home) he meets me at my car and we walk to his house. We chat about some stuff (note: he still has not said a single word about my skirt). He gives me a tour of his new place, it's nice and I'm impressed. When time to go up the steps he leads... weird - he never led up the steps - EVER, he always made me go first so that my ass is right there up in his face and he'd always smack it. But the time I'm wearing a skirt - he leads up - weird, just so odd and not like him! Then off to the bedroom, I sit down on the bed and he takes a minute to go get his laundry. He lies down on the bed and he has the local news station on - he fought a fire today, was merited or something because he hasn't graduated yet and was waiting to see the story on it or should I say the story on We chat for a while more about fam., work, old friends... (Note: still nothing said about my skirt).
He then says there are two things I'm going to ask of you, two things you love to do. I'm quick to say - "Suck your cock, and .. hmm what’s the other?" Massage me he asks. I say ok, and warn him that I've definitely improved since the last time he received one, he replies "then prove it".
He lies on his stomach and I sit over him straddling style, I start at his shoulders and give him the massage of a lifetime, I practically had him drooling. I end up doing a full body massage and he's done! Lol, he tells me I should do it for a living... lol I know I'm good at giving massages but I think what makes me good at it is that I'm attracted to this man, I love the way his muscles feel underneath my groping hands, I love how good I'm making him feel. I don't know if I can just massage anyone.

He turns over on his back and immediately I start kissing and licking his chest, down to his waist, where I swirl my tongue around his belly button, moving lower and lower, to the point right above his cock. I then slowly pull down his boxers while still licking him. I can't wait any longer, I about to put my mouth over his cock, and he blocks his cock with his hand! I look up at him; he shakes his head no and then taps his lips with his finger. Not sure of what he means I ignore it and I really don't care I just want his cock in my mouth, I try again and this time he grabs my hair and pulls my head away.. "Come up here" he says.
I climb up to him slowly, letting my hard nipples drag across his legs and up his stomach. He touches my skirt, "Is this a skirt?" he asks, I say yes - then nothing, he says nothing else!
I look up at him, and move in to kiss him; he takes my lower lip into his mouth and sucks hard. Our kissing grows harder and faster, he's holding my head and our tongues are swirling against each others. He pulls my head away, "You want my cock?" I reply out of breath "Yes". He looks at me and says, "Go, go have fun".
I slide down his body, take his cock in my mouth and suck hard, sucking it up and down. God, I miss his cock so much, I love how it fits into my mouth so nicely I love how I can take it down my throat, I love his reactions. I suck hard for him, and then I take more of it deeper, and deeper tills it's in the back of my throat. I hear him saying "Oh my god, holy shit, is this what you wanted all day long?" I nod my head yes and I swallow his cock. He grabs my head and holds it down onto him, I suck it like a good girl, then I try to come up, but he doesn’t allow me to, he holds my head down firmly and this only makes me more wet. My nails are digging into his thighs and I'm still trying to pull my head up, finally he lets me up for air. I'm breathing deeply in and out trying to catch my breath, a moment later I'm back to his cock in my mouth, I immediately go all the way down taking it into my throat, I do that a few times and his body is practically quivering. I don't want him to cum yet so I slow up and start licking his cock, I look up at him quickly; he moans and puts his hand on my head almost petting me. I lick his balls for a few minutes he shaved so nicely for me, everything is so smooth and there is not one hair, I couldn't be more pleased.
I go back to his cock and suck harder, I suck his cock as if I worship it, then I start licking it again, he takes his cock in his hand and starts rubbing it on my lips and cheek, I open my mouth to take it in but he doesn’t let me. He smacks my face lightly with his cock, and I moan at him I keep my mouth open, waiting for him to let me take it back in. Then he shoves his cock back into my mouth and pulls me down onto it hard. I suck and suck and suck his cock, I hear him say good girl... (mmm how I love that). After about 40 minutes I stop and take a break and lay back, he gets on top of me and goes to town on my nipples, sucking and biting them. He then puts his cock between my tits; I hold them tightly together and fucks them. MMMMmmmm....

After a little of that I get back onto him (I still have on my skirt and thong) I start grinding my cunt onto his cock then after much grinding it slips in... I moan as I feel his cock deep inside me. I ride his cock, fucking him nice and hard, he holds onto my tits, squeezing them tightly and pinching my nipples which makes me cry out. I wildly ride his cock, my hips bucking back and forth onto him, I have my hands pressed onto his chest and they slide to his throat, I feel as if I'm chocking him, but I don't care I go on riding his cock into me. He then smacks my face (lightly, I would have liked it he moves my hands away from his throat and very quickly he grabs my throat and squeezes. I feel his hand tightening around my throat which forces me to fuck him harder and faster. "That's it, yea that's it fuck me bitch" he says. My pussy is bouncing up and down onto his cock, he's still got my by my throat and it's all just so fucking hot, I grind down onto him and start cumming, I cum hard and I feel my juices slick and running down his cock, down my thighs.. My body shuddering, I'm breathless and I take a moment.

I move back down to his cock and start sucking... he asks me where I want him to cum and I tell him on my tits. I suck his cock a little longer then I lay down on my back he kneels over me on the side and stuffs his cock into my mouth, he fucks my mouth like that, hard and rough, to the point that I'm trying to pull away a bit but just can't.

Then he pulls away rubs his cock over me and I play with my nipples for him, he cums all over my chest, I rub it in ( I have no idea why I rubbed it in, I've never done that before), I go on rubbing it in as he grabs some paper towel, he cleans me up and then himself.

We get dressed, he walks me to my car and I go home and off to sleep. Sex with the BFWB has always been this great, I really should try to make an effort to see him more often!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A little wierd, a little intimate, and overall pretty cool.

He laid a soft sheet down on the floor, towards the back wall of the room near his drum set that was all packed up. I'm sitting on the bed as he's running around getting everything together. I can easily see how excited he is. Then he's ready; next to the blanket is a pitcher of hot water, a razor, a scissor, and women’s shaving gel. "Ok ready to go" he says, I slip off of the bed and make my way to his little set up.

I lie down, my panties are already off and I have just a black tank top on because I'm having one of those fat days (women will understand that). I'm nervous, as I lie before him with my legs spread open. We giggle, as we keep telling each other how weird this is. He tells me to relax, and I try to but for some reason I just can't. I didn't do any maintenance as he requested for the last few days. I feel water sprinkled and shaving cream spread on my pussy, then the razor goes across the top of my pussy, or across the somewhere of my pussy. I was too nervous to try to figure where or what exactly he was doing. But he was definitely shaving me.

A few days back I was at Morgan's and he told me he didn't do any maintenance because he didn't know I was coming over, I told him it's ok because I didn't do any either. He then told me not to do any, because he would really like to do it for me. I said ok. I couldn’t believe I said ok though, I would never get a bikini wax or worse a brazilian, mostly because I can't have someone up in my pussy like that?! But Morgan's been there... so I think it's a bit different. Anyway back to the blanket...

As I first feel the razor I start laughing... and laughing this is totally tickling me. I apologize for the giggles and I'm so trying not to squirm but ahhhh it tickles. I tell him not to be so light and gentle but how could he not be! I was giggling and laughing and it was killing me, he said he was shaving the outer areas and needed to be careful... but I just couldn't stop. So we took a minute break and then started again; this time he talked to me more trying to get the tickling off my mind. It didn't exactly work. Then he started working his way in more and the tickles subsided(Thank God). Finally I was able to lie there nicely as he shaves my pussy; he tells me that he's not exactly sure what he's going to do in regards to design... I tell him to do whatever he would like. It's kind of nice lying there with him doing this, and in some weird way it's intimate. He tells me he really likes this and thinks it's pretty hot.

He ends up shaving everything (I had a feeling he would), he said he just wanted to keep

All in all, the experience was a little weird, a little intimate, and overall pretty cool.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Empty Desk

As some of you may know, I do my posting while at work (how risky of me, I know), this week I'll barely be in the office, therefore I prolly won't be doing much posting. I'm sorrry - I'll miss you all too.

This weekend - there is absolutely nothing to report - sad I know!
I went out on Saturday, saw an ex and flirted and that's the extend of it.

Morgan and I have something exciting we're brewing up and I'll fill you all in on it very soon - it's gonna be fun!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Boy in the Building

It's about 3am, I recently stumbled into my apartment, not drunk, just mostly tired, and all together not feeling so well. I trip over someone's pair of sandals, curse my sister out deciding that they're hers. I untie my pants, as I walk down the hallway they fall to my ankles I step out of them as I enter my room, leaving them somewhere on the floor, lifting off my shirt tossing it, I fall into bed. Mmmmm... My yummy comfy delicious bed, I stretch out, and lay down thinking about my night at Morgan’s. My cell phone rings, I reach under my pillow - it's Morgan. He can't sleep and wants me to come back over, ha I tell him yea ok suuuure. We're talking for a few more minutes - my door bell. Who the hell is at my door at this time? Phone still in tow I climb out of bed, the bell is still ringing and now the person is knocking - loudly.
"Who is it?"
"Joey, let me in" (I think to myself - Damn, I make one drunken phone call last night and he's at my door the next.)
"Who is it?" (I know very well who it is but I figured I'd play dumb)
Morgan asks, who it is, I tell him I'm not sure but I'll call him back.
Back at the door he's knocking again.
"____ what are you doing here" I ask.
"Just let me in, c'mon"
I tell him to hold on, run to my bedroom and throw on a t-shirt, back at the door, I slightly open it.
"____ what are you doing here it's like 3:30 am"
"Aww Joey let me in, lets hang out"
"No, go home"

This banter goes on for about 5-7 minutes,, he begs to come in, he pulls every line he could try - lets just cuddle, let's talk ... on and on.
He then tries pushing his way in, (he's not forceful or scary to the point that I'm nervous - I kinda want him in, but I kinda don't). He's in, yet he thinks my sister is home so he's quiet; he goes straight to my room and jumps into my bed. (That I didn't really want) I pull him out of my bed.
And off he goes to my living room, and plops on the couch. I walk over to my door, and tell him to leave, he asks me to come over sit down and chat - I do.

Now Building Boy cracks me up. We've known each other since I was 12/13ish. He's always, always had a crush on me. As we've gotten older, a few years ago, I figured why not? Let's try this out... Well I soon found out he is a major relationship phobe. What's he want? The friend with benefits, and while that would work out quite nicely being that he lives in my building, I have no interest in that type of friendship with him. There are also other factors as to why I feel that way... but I'm not going into that. And he's done this before too, at my door after a night out.

We're sitting on the couch, and he tells me how I'm so pretty, so gorgeous and I believe him, I know he truly thinks that. He goes on talking about how he's adored me since way back when.....

And then he says this which is just classic:
Joey you are “it” – you’re it, you’re the one!”
I giggle at him… and reply, “______, I’m not the one, and I’m certainly not your “it” you won’t even date me”
“Well, I have that, ya know...”
I interrupt him, “I know, you have that relationship phobia bullshit”.
He laughs at me, pets my head, and says:
Can’t I pleeeeeease lick your cunt?”

Guys just crack me up!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

The hottest....... hotter than hot!

An awesome blogger, Adam had asked to interview me on his blog!
To read on, here you go:

The hottest....... hotter than hot!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Dildo's & Vibs

I was never big on dildos and vibrators. They weren't really something that I ever wanted, I was and still am quite happy using my hand and fingers, yet there were objects I experimented with - but that's another story...
On my 25th b-day I got my first vibrator from Morgan. I guess it's your very basic vib, long, smooth, silver metal. I never used it unless I was with Morgan. He loves to use them on me; -I'd prefer the real thing, a nice hard flesh cock inside me. But through the year I've grown to like it some more. Then I received another vib from a male friend I had some fun times with - this one was a bit smaller, pink, curved and made to look just like a cock. I think I prefer this one, Morgan still prefers to use his.

Last week he blindfolds me, lays me down and starts kissing me everywhere - yummy!
Slow soft kisses on my body. He works his way to my pussy and I feel his tongue licking my cunt, immediately I'm wet.

He stops. I hear him move off of the bed. I feel his lips kissing my cheek and then my nose. He moves away.


I don't hear anything. I have no idea where he is.
I'm not tied, I could get up and move but what fun is that when blindfolded.

I have a feeling he's just standing there looking at me. He's got to be, I haven't heard him take a step.

I giggle... "Morgan, where are you"... Right here he replies.


Then I hear him open up the drawer - (the drawer that holds all his favorite toys, from some good cd's, to condoms, the blindfold and whatever else.

He climbs back onto the bed, starts licking my pussy, pulls away and then slowly inserts "the birthday present". He slowly fucks my pussy with it; he then tells me he has some presents for me. Next thing I know, I feel this large soft object slowly pushing against my cunt. I lay still as he works at pushing it in, every so often his fingers or his tongue are at my clit, sending quivers through my body. This is so much bigger than any vib I've felt before, but I like it and I'm thinking Morgan bought this due to our night with the fisting attempt and how much I liked that. (Later on he confirms that)
He then uses another one on me, and another.... they all feel amazing and I cum and cum and cum.

A great night of dildo's and vibs!

Friday, June 03, 2005

My lips

Saturday night, I was home alone, bored and entirely way too horny. Morgan was away for the weekend. I could of gone out, I had someone else that I should of seen (he will just remain nameless right now), or I could of served CT, I even could of called the BFWB. But unfortunately I had to get up and ready to go out at 5am the next day, therefore going out to get some ass was NOT an option!
So I stayed home, and entered the world of online porn and dirty chat rooms. I haven't done the online thing in a loooooong while.

First what popped into my head was the porno's I watch with Morgan. I now have seen all there is to pussy, and many different kinds, but mine.. I really haven't seen mine in that sexy kind of way. That sexy kind of way meaning - not in the bathroom with one leg up on the sink, so that I'm spread open while I take a look at myself with a mirror....

So, I go lie down in my bed and start touching myself, lightly touching my pussy lips, I slip a finger inside, rubbing up and down slowly. I circle my clit... and I feel that I'm getting wet. I then take a vibrator, turn it on and rub my cunt with it. I then spy my little video camera... hmmm I can make a video of myself masturbating and then watch I think to myself. Then I'd truly be seeing my pussy in that sexy way.

I get the video camera, prop it on the bed between my legs... and press record. I go to town... Rubbing my pussy with the vibrator, slipping it in and out of me, holding it on my clit, circling my clit. I'm wet, I'm dripping, I pull the vibrator away and then place it back on my clit rubbing harder onto it, teasing myself till I just can't take it anymore, I push the vibrator in, further in, I fuck myself with it and g-d damn it felt good. I hold my pussy lips open with one hand and continue thrusting the vib. in and out of myself - I can't wait to watch this. I drive it in and out, I feel it filling me I'm wishing it were a real cock but hey, I'll make do. My body starts to quiver and I feel that wonderful orgasm coming, I explode, shuddering and my pussy gripping onto the vibrator. My fingers are sticky with my juices... and I'm (almost) satisfied. I lie there taking in the moment.
I reach down press Stop, then Rewind on the camera. I turn over on my stomach, getting comfy and watch my video - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

WOW, it was somewhat hot watching myself, and at the same time I couldn't help but compare my pussy to others that I've seen in the porno's, is mine normal? Should it look that way? It seems to look ok... I've never received complaints - but seriously what man is going to complain to the pussy's owner - umm None!

Well despite my few qualms... the video inevitably turns me on... So off to the comp I go. I have fun talking to some dirty perverts, and looking at porn. But I quickly give up on the online porno, it's such a pain, how a million sites pop up and when you X one out 20 more pop up! UGH annoying! I continue talking to the dirty perverts for a while, I have one that just wants to role-play, another begging me to call him so that I can Fake an orgasm for him – that guy was funny, another talking to me about incest and how he wants to fuck his teenage daughter, another tells me about his non-sex life with his wife and how he needs an affair, another guy into D/s, another guy who’s just plain annoying, another guy with a rape fantasy, the amount of dirty perverts are endless… and yes I’m chatting with all of them so I guess I’m a dirty pervert too, but at the same time I’m girl – so that just makes it HOT. I end up masturbating again…

Before going to sleep - I erase the tape.