Sunday, April 09, 2006

Springtime Nymph

I think there is something in the Spring Weather - it makes me want to romp around like a little...nypmph

My sex drive is off the Well, it's always been - but I'm feeling even more naughty than usual. A feeling deep in me has given me insatiable desires to be the submissive pet I have been in the past. I still chat with TYD and these cravings are leading me right down his path and onto my knees at his (proverbial) door. It hasn't happened yet but I'm almost there.

I've been dating more than I had been. I think I viewed my past dates too seriously. With each different one I would wonder if "this will be the one".
- Oh whatever with the one!
I've come to the decision that I'm going to date and have fun with it - meet new guys and enjoy it.
I'll leave my nymphy romps for the men who know me - unless a particular fellow comes along and I just can't help myself ;)

The Suite still chats with me online (something still tells me he could have been the one) - but he planted a little seed in my young and impressionable mind and I constantly wonder if seeing a black Dom rather than a white Dom would have that big of a difference in feelings of submissiveness; on any kind of level.
I'm thinking I should pursue this and find out for myself... hmmm...I'm still debating this one.

Well many sexy spring kisses to all of you, let's see what this little nymph gets herself into next.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Repeated Dreams

These dreams are detailed, clear, crude, sexual and disturbing. I'll warn you - they involve a child; so if you are uncomfortable with this please do not read further.

These dreams cross my mind night after night lately, they almost live themselves out - each one a little differently...

Originally I started writing them out detail-by-detail - thinking writing them would get it out of my head. But I can't post it - it's just too much, it wouldn't be right. Understandable it's only my dreams but posting the details goes too far.

As I said my dreams involve a child, the child is me. In each dream I'm a different age, ranging from about 4 years old to 11ish. There's a man, who is my father, I never see his face (and let's note his build looks nothing like my real father).

In each dream he molests me at night in my bedroom (my real bedroom, my bed, my possessions are all there). He's mean, rough and selfish, I don't really fight him nor cry too much... in some I do. In the dreams in which I'm older it just seems as though I'm used to it - I hate it, but I'm compliant.

As I said earlier these dreams are so damn clear and detailed, they disturb me, yet when I wake up from them, I'm wet. I don't know why, I don't know what’s going on with me. It's bad enough having these dreams night after night, remembering them, but then to wake up with my cunt dripping wet... it puzzles me...