Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Impressed in the Park

Last night I met up with TLO - remember him? Well here's a reminder.

I haven't really stopped talking to him since that night - things slowed down, but then I decided to give it another go; I met with him 2 other times (but chose not to write about it) it wasn't anything grand.

It's hard with TLO, being that he's young and still a learning Dom there are things I know more of than he does. I try to keep it somewhat separate as to when I'm giving him advice and when I'm being submissive to him. He asks to see me alllllll the time, but I always said I had plans or was busy (we all know who I had plans and was busy with (giggle)). He asked me so often and each day that it became monotonous, almost like he was this annoying boy who just waited and waited till I said yes. This type of relationship is not supposed to go that way. I finally just told him that he needs to be more demanding with me - don't ask if I can see you - tell me, instruct me, command me, order me to see you! And get into my head! I'm a stubborn woman, and in the end I'll probably do what I want anyway - but if you're ordering me to see you, and doing it in a dominating manner well then hell yea I’m going to listen. Well he took my advice and ran with it (though he claims he was going to do that anyway - for some reason I don't believe him).
He told me that I was to see him on Thursday night - at the park at 11p.m. Yes, the park - kinda ridiculous - but I didn't have my apt. to myself that evening, and he will be getting his own place soon, so till then it's the dark, kinda scary park.

As the title of the post says I was impressed - fully impressed by his words, actions, and ways - he was a different person from the first time we met. I've chosen a new name for him on here - it's no longer TLO it's now - - - TYD - The Young Dom. I think this suits him well, it involves his age which to the both of us of importance, and being the I'm calling him a Dom, means that, that's how I now view and respect him.
I'm sorry to confuse everyone, but TLO just doesn't fit him any longer - I promise not to change it again!

I was very, very late - 2 hours late to be exact, I did text message him to tell him I was running late, and he must of called me at least 15 times... but I had an emergency - and BOY he was angry.

Finally I get to the park, wearing jeans, flip flops and this baby doll kinda shirt, no bra and donning a black satin thong. The last time I went to the park with him I had on a skirt, it rained earlier and the buggies just ate up my legs like someone handed it to them on freaking silver platter! Anyway I get to the park, he's standing there waiting for me, I haven't seen him in a while it felt awkward for a moment, I didn’t know if I should kiss him on the cheek hello or what?! As we walked to the spot I stayed pretty quiet unless he spoke to me because I knew he was angry earlier when we spoke on the phone. He talked a bit and I saw that his anger seemed to subside.

We get to our spot, I put on bug spray, and put it on his arms, and spray down the bench and the area we're in. I put my bag down and then he instructs me to take out the items he told me to bring:

Lotion: To be used when I jerk him off
My Paddle Brush: He spanks me with it
2 Bottles of Water: One for me to use while I suck his cock
I take them out, then he tells me to stand in front of him and get on my knees, he's sitting on the bench. He looks at my shirt and can't really figure out how to or what to do with it. I tell him he can just pull it down over my chest, he does so and then he inspects my tits. He gropes them, touches them, feels my nipples, he holds them in his hands and makes motions like he weighing them, slaps them very lightly, and gropes them some more. I look away as he does all this, it's somewhat embarrassing and I don't like watching him do it. He then tells me to stand, and then says that tonight he will learn more about my body. He feels my legs, rubbing them with his hands down to my ankles. He instructs me to turn around, and the he does the same to the back of my legs and ass. He touches my ass and feels more - none of this turns me on, he's inspecting my body and it's uncomfortable. He turns me around, unbuttons my jeans, turns me around again and pulls them down to my ankles, he takes my thong with them, I pull it back up - not tonight. He then continues his inspection, feeling my bare legs, this is even worse than with my jeans on, when he turns me around again, his hand moves between my legs and he rubs my pussy - it wasn't a sensual rub - he was feeling it for the first time, he repeatedly rubbed my pussy lips... All the while I kept my head turned to the right looking into the dark forest that surrounded the park, while feeling his hands examine me. I felt like an object that he was considering to purchase.
He orders me to my knees in front of him, and lowers my head so that I'm looking downward. He has my tits back in his hands, groping and feeling them again.
TYD: "You have some pain coming to you"
I don't respond
TYD: "Do you understand"
TYD: "Is that how you answer me?"
"Yes Sir"
TYD: "Do you know why I'm doing this?"
"Yes Sir" (I was soo due for a punishment, we talked about it the night before, and there was no way I could avoid it - I tried)
TYD: "Are you ready to take the pain?"
I look up at him and I shake my head no (The pain thing scared me, but I've always been afraid of pain, I believe I handle it better than I assume)
TYD: "I'm going to ask you again, are you ready to take the pain from me?"
I whisper "Yes Sir"
He pinches my nipples, tells me to lower my head and close my eyes, I do so - TYD lightly smacks my left tit, then my right, the left, the left, the right the left, on and on... The smacks become harder and faster. I don't think my chest had ever been hit like this, some of the smacks hurt - others don't. I wince as I feel his hand come down on me, I cry out with the harder smacks. He continues slapping them, then he stops and I feel the wood brush on my skin. I shudder; I can't imagine that he's going to hit my tits with the paddle brush. He rubs it against my tits, then turns it around and I feel the bristles drag across my nipple, then over on my other nipple the bristles drag across it, you can hear them. He removes it, SMACK, the brush comes down onto my tit, and again, again, back and forth on both of them. It hurts and I cried out a few times. He finally stopped, they hurt a bit and mostly they felt warm. I wanted him so badly to take my nipples in his mouth, to caress then just a bit, to let them feel some kind of pleasure. At least hold my tits nicely, rub them, do something - but nothing he let go, sat back on the bench and said "Take out my cock".
I unhooked and opened his belt, unbuttoned the button, unzipped the zipper, folded the sides of his pants to the sides, I tried not to look up at him, I just stared at my hands and what I was doing. I put my hand inside his boxers, felt his warm cock, it wasn't fully hard but wasn't fully soft. I took it out and placed my hands at my sides. He said something - to me it sounded like Open your Mouth - so I did, I'm kneeling there in front of him with my mouth open, a few seconds go by. He then says - Did you hear me? I say - Didn't you say to open my mouth, He says no - "put it in your mouth", I kinda laugh cause I feel like a DICK kneeling in front of him with my mouth open for no apparent reason...
I kneel lower and take his cock in my mouth, I start sucking it softly, slowly. I remember how earlier when we were chatting online that he wanted a nice slow sucking, so that's what I did. Softly I sucked it, caressing it with my tongue, dragging my lips up and down his shaft, taking his cock to the back of my throat. I sucked his cock once before - it was different, it didn't feel right. I didn't think he enjoyed it, I didn't enjoy it - it was missing something then and I abruptly stopped and refused to continue... This time was different - this time was good. I enjoyed his cock in my mouth, taking it in deep sucking it a little harder, knowing that this is making him feel so good. He says "Good Girl" early on, so I know I'm doing well. I devour his cock, tasting it, licking it; I'm truly enjoying sucking this man's cock. I want to please him, I want to show him that I can be good, because I honestly know that the last month or so I totally put him aside. He says something like "that’s a good girl" and maybe he pet my head ... I'm not sure but then he took my head and pushed it all the way down on him "Take it down your throat, down your throat" he was pushing my head down so hard, but the way his cock was angled in my mouth, it wasn't going down my throat. He held my head there, I couldn't breath too well, finally he let go I was breathing heavy but took his cock in my mouth again and began sucking, and sucking. It slid in and out it of my mouth smoothly, and then he said "Stop". I pulled away, he stood up, I looked up at him and he came on my face, all over my right cheek, it hit my eyelashes, across my nose, and onto my left cheek he smeared his cock head. He rubbed it again onto my face, and then he sat back down, he looked at his work he had done. I didn't think he was able to really see it, it was so dark at the park, but I certainly felt his cum dripping down my cheeks and off of my nose. (I've only let Morgan cum on my face, TYD told me earlier that he was going to cum on my face and tits, I told him I don't do that - we had a small argument about it, and I lost... obviously.)
I asked if I could clean my face off, he told me to first clean off his cock and dry it. I sucked his cock to take any excess cum off of it and then I knew how he wanted me to dry off his cock - with my hair- humiliating. I looked at him, and asked if I had to, his response - "I'm waiting". I gathered my hair to the left side and proceeded to dry his cock with it. I didn't like doing this so much - but whatever. I then wiped my face clean with a napkin I had in my bag, he watched me do it, which make me feel stupid. After that we sat there in silence for a few minutes, I apologized to him again for what happened earlier with me running late, he said he hoped I was sorry, I told him I wouldn't have said it again if I weren’t.
He instructed me to stand up and lay over his knee - it was time for my spanking. I hate lying across his lap, don't know why but I just do. TYD starts off with his bare hand, it doesn't hurt so much at first, then he slaps my ass harder, it starts to sting a bit. Then harder and harder, I can still handle it but I’m starting to squirm on his lap. He then switched to the paddle brush. It lightly stings, and burns, the first few I take but soon after those I begin to beg him to stop. He doesn't listen, he doesn't even acknowledge my cries, he continues spanking me harder my ass, my thighs, my calves. They feel like they are on fire, a burning sensation I've never really felt. I'm whimpering and trying to move my legs away, but I very well know he's going to smack the paddle down onto them. It's hot outside, I'm all worked up, which only makes me feel more hot, I'm still whimpering, but not so close to tears, the spanking is hurting me badly. My forehead is wet, I'm sweating, I try to calm myself down, to lie there and take my spanking. I feel each sting and burn of the paddle, the pain spreading onto my skin, feeling the punishment for my actions. He slaps my thighs harder, my calves sting, my ass cheeks were on fire, I couldn't take it anymore.
I pushed myself up lifting my upper body, he pushed me back down muttering "Get back down". I begged him, whimpered, I wanted to cry but couldn't - it takes a lot to have me completely let go and cry for you. Pushing myself up again, I wanted him to look at me, to look at my face and see that I was in pain, I've had enough and just couldn't take the spanking any longer. He barely looked at me, and pushed me back down onto his lap... Squirming, whimpering, begging - nothing from him, just the paddle repeatedly hitting me.
I didn't know how much longer it was to continue- 5 min's? 10 min's? Longer?? I had no choice, no power; I was his bad sub, in his lap under his hand receiving her punishment. I had been defeated, and felt it.
It's almost as if he knew it, maybe he did and maybe he didn't but his next action truly made me feel subservient. Maybe subservient isn't the correct word to use, but he had me exactly where he wanted me - almost broken.
TYD took a bottle of water; I knew what to expect he told me earlier that day what it was for. He drank some, asked me if I wanted a sip - I declined. We sat there - he on the bench, I was in front of him on my knees on the ground. It was quiet, I stayed silent, and I wasn't sure how I would react to his next move. He took the bottle and poured a bit onto my left tit it dribble down and off of my nipple. Again, he poured the water onto my chest and it rolled down and onto his pants (hee hee) he got a bit angry and told me to back up more so as to not get him wet. So far all is well a little water on my chest... he pours a bit more, this time it runs off of my chest and onto my pants that are underneath my knees. He waits a few seconds, and pours the water on my shoulder. Then he pours it over my head, this completely wets me, the water runs down my hair and body. I look away from him embarrassed, he pours more water onto my head, my shirt and pants are wet, my body's wet, my face... I look up at him, he seems powerful and strong. He's dry, holding the bottle of water, the water that continues to humiliate me with each drop that I feel. I'm starting to not like this, I hate the water and I begin to cringe each time he raises his hand with the bottle.
He tells me to put my head up, I have a problem doing this, eventually I do it. Then he places the bottle above my head and slowly goes to pour it out. Partially out of natural reaction and partially because I just can't have that done to me, I move my head away. I try again - but I just can't do it. I can't have that water poured onto my face, I’d be a mess, my mascara would run down my cheeks, I’d just be completely wet and a mess. I think to myself next time wear waterproof mascara! Although I'm still unsure if I'd be able to put my head up and have that water poured onto me. He gives up with having me put my head up. I feel cold, I'm wet, I feel like I’m a mess, and there's some other kind of feeling - but it's hard to put into words. I want him to tell me its ok, and that I’m doing well, I want some kind of assurance, some kind of warmth from him... Sitting on the ground, wet, I start whimpering a bit, and begging no more water. He pours more water onto me, it runs down my head, my neck my shoulders, my body.... I feel low, low, low... I think I could cry at this point, I don't but I prolly could of. I'm looking down at the ground, I'm somewhat sad, embarrassed, humiliated, I can't bear to look up at him ... and at that moment I am broken.
He instructs me to take out his cock and suck it, I do it with enthusiasm, I'm soaking wet, and cold but all I could think of is pleasing him and sucking his cock well. He is rougher this time with me and uses my head, holding onto my hair and fucking my mouth, he pushes his cock down my throat this time and chokes me with it, he slaps my face with his cock and so on... He ends up taking his cock away from me and masturbates in front of me, I hate this, it's a waste of his own energy, I just want to suck his cock more and bring him to the point of cumming, but he doesn’t let me. He ends up cumming on my chest. I then clean his cock with my mouth, and dry it with my hair, I clean my chest off... he tells me I was a good girl, impressed and pleased him. I say thank you Sir. I'm told to pick my pants up and get dressed.
We leave the park...
I've masturbated many times to that night... I hope to see/serve him again soon.
The next day I find a few small bruises and then a huge ugly bruise on my tits, I tell him about it - we're both surprised that it's on my tits considering it seemed as though they were the least hurt. I eventually see Morgan and make up the excuse that I fell... I fall all the time - so it's believable... I feel bad and somewhat guilty.


Blogger figleaf said...

Wow, Joey. Thanks for the total rundown on your encounter with TYD. I was in a relationship with a woman who was very much into pain and humiliation and I never felt I was able to give her what she wanted. Actually mostly I didn't want to give it to her and, in a weird twist on non-consensual sex, kept insisting we should make love like respectful equals. It's hard to imagine I'll ever be in that situation again but this post resonated with some of the hints she dropped. Your insights help me better understand what would have better met her needs. So thanks!

8/10/2005 5:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8/10/2005 6:40 PM  
Blogger Arashi-KIshu said...

what the hell?

Great post Joey! I'm trying to learn how to do deep throat myself, tee hee!

And I recommend you to everybody when they ask for a good sex blog. 1 of my friends even linked you!

8/10/2005 10:07 PM  
Blogger Oswald Croll said...

There is nothing hotter than a woman who uses the phrase "jerk off". I don't know why...but anyway, great post. Glad you're back to "pick me up" in the morning......


8/11/2005 10:44 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

hey joey...I almost felt sorry for you there. The way you said you felt down...:-(


why do you still do the dom stuff? Your post was replete with more negatives than any post I have seen:

1.The smacks become harder and faster. I don't think my chest had ever been hit like this, some of the smacks hurt - others don't

2. I sucked his cock to take any excess cum off of it and then I knew how he wanted me to dry off his cock - with my hair- humiliating

3. gathered my hair to the left side and proceeded to dry his cock with it. I didn't like doing this so much - but whatever

4. I then wiped my face clean with a napkin I had in my bag, he watched me do it, which make me feel stupid.

5. I hate lying across his lap, don't know why but I just do

6. I begged him, whimpered, I wanted to cry but couldn't - it takes a lot to have me completely let go and cry for you.

7. I've had enough and just couldn't take the spanking any longer

8. He's dry, holding the bottle of water, the water that continues to humiliate me with each drop that I feel. I'm starting to not like this, I hate the water and I begin to cringe each time he raises his hand with the bottle

9. I feel low, low, low... I think I could cry at this point, I don't but I prolly could of. I'm looking down at the ground, I'm somewhat sad, embarrassed, humiliated, I can't bear to look up at him ... and at that moment I am broken

Or am I being paranoid?...

8/11/2005 12:56 PM  
Blogger quanzer said...

I know I could never be the submissive one in a dom situation but I'd love to have that kind of control over someone. Knowing that they will do everything I say when I say it is a complete turn on.

8/11/2005 1:49 PM  
Blogger Joey said...

Figleaf -
Thanks for reading, and I’m glad I was able to give you some helpful insight!

My 2 Anonymous readers -
Firstly, thanks for checking out my blog, but please, please do not advertise in your comments, it’s rude and really very unwanted.

Cathy -
I saw that one of your friends posted about me, I commented on her site, and now I’m a reader of hers!

Oswald Croll -
Thanks Buddy – I can’t help but use that term… it’s from having way too many guy friends!

Emmanuel -
Lol, you make me a laugh a little bit, taking the time to point out the parts were I was in pain, embarrassed, sad, humiliated, etc...Please do understand, that for the most part I enjoyed so much of that night, I can’t wait to see TYD again.
Maybe I needed to express more of how it all turned me on – and it does. Then again some of it didn’t turn me on such as when in the end I was “broken”… But that was done to my advantage; while it humiliated me, it also humbled me. Please do realize that the D/s world is quite different. I wish I can describe it to you but I’m really not very good at expressing that through words online, if I were verbally able to tell you – I could go on and on about the many facets of it, what it entails and how it works for both people. Being subservient gives me so many feelings, being used, powerless, full of power, and so many other feelings as weird as that all may sound. Being humiliated is not always fun – but it’s part of it, it puts me in my place when needed, and while I hate it, at the same time I love it and need it.
TYD is newish with me, we are just really getting into our D/s relationship there will be much more to come, much more that I will endure for him and for me.

Please do not worry, nor feel sorry for me (that’s the last thing I want you to feel) – if I truly didn’t enjoy this I certainly would immediately stop. Actually I think you should read the beginning of my post again – I note how he has improved, and impressed me, and how I wanted him to command me. TYD did exactly what was expected and more.

In my coming posts about TYD and myself please try to look further into what I say.

8/11/2005 1:53 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

as long as you feel good, then I guess it's ok...:-)

Noted on everything else...:-)

8/12/2005 6:49 AM  
Anonymous Zithereen said...

I just came upon your blog tonight. What an intense story...I must admit that I kept skipping, doubling back, piecing together the narrative, my eyes flicking past words, then going back to read them more slowly. Yummy.

8/19/2005 2:18 AM  
Blogger Joey said...

Zithereen -
Thanks for checking out my blog - I love new readers! - PS Don't forget to pin my map!

8/19/2005 10:11 AM  

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