Sunday, January 29, 2006

Wow, Really?!

And there I was, laid out on this bed, those soft familiar red flannel sheets underneath my naked body. My arms spread out on either side of me, tied to his foot-board, our new ball-gag placed in my mouth, blindfolded, and my new collar tightly around my neck. He roped it through it's hoops and tightly strung it to the foot-board. Unable to move my head, nor speak, nor see... I was all his to use and I loved every bit of rope and cloth restricting me.

He slapped my face, "Are you my whore?" "Mmmhmm" was all I managed to muffle out.
(Whoa, whoa, whoa wait a minute - Did Morgan just slap my face and use the word whore??! Wow, this is going to be good I think to myself.) "And my whore should want to please me, you want to be a good whore and please me isn't that right?!" As his hands are softly resting on my cheeks.. SLAP, again he slaps my face. I cry out somewhat....
He then binds my breasts with black electrical tape, he slaps them - I pull at my bound arms - I moan - I'm in heaven.

He then spreads my legs, bends them at the knee, wraps the rope around my ankles and then the other end of the rope to the headboard. He then uses the red stretchy cloth wrapping it around my thighs and to the foot board, this only helps in spreading my legs further apart and constricting the movement of my legs. He tells me how I should want to please him, my master. When he says that it's weird, I don't view Morgan as my "Master" even during our play session, because while he's taken on this dominant role, it doesn't have the characteristics of a Master. He lightly slaps my inner thighs with the crop. I'm so surprised by all his actions that I keep thinking; Holy shit I have to remember every minute of this - I have to write about this! And now as I think back (ps this was all written as soon as I got back home) it becomes quite hard to recall what he had done - each and every amazing minute of being his whore.

I then feel his fingers at my cunt, sliding them up and down my slit, I'm dripping wet, he tells me how he loves when his cunt is dripping for him (ok reality check here - will the real Morgan please stand up!). He teases me with his fingers - I moan slowly, softly, I pull at my arms and legs.. they barely move an inch, my back arches, my nipples harden I love this feeling of being bound by him, for him... I moan again, soft purr like moans. I'm craving more... then a vibrating feeling, slowly pushing inside me.. in and out soft and slow for a few strokes, then faster and harder.. fucking me with the vibrator. Quivers are running up and down my body, I'm moaning though the ball gag (which ps - is kinda hurting me at this point) harder quicker the vibrator is pushed in and out of my pussy... and I cum... I deliciously cum for him.
He tells me that is what good whores get - they get fucked, they get to cum. I'm so overwhelmed by his actions, his worlds, my orgasm, that I can barely acknowledge him. He takes the ball-gag out of my mouth, tells me to keep silent but to relax my jaw. With that comment I look forward to feeling his cock on my lips... waiting.. waiting.. waiting.. no cock.. He steps off the bed, he's meddling with something and at this point I have no idea what he could be up to.... I hear his footsteps trail out of the room. I lie there still tied, and blindfolded, it's dark, it's quiet and I can't believe all that he's done to me. The name calling, the slaps to my face, the way I'm bound, I love it all and I'm still in shock by all of these actions.


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