Monday, October 03, 2005

The Return

I needed and crave it, my heart told me no but my loins and my being were screaming out to me. I succumbed to the pull, the force, the crave.

Earlier on I answered him yes and gave him a time.
I was home now and it was time to prepare. I double clicked open Limewire (so sue me I download music) opened my play-lists and chose Sex. Started my shower and collected all the items needed to prepare myself for tonight. Razors, scissors, lotion, conditioner, perfume, etc... With songs of sex and tempting beats filling the room, I stepped into my shower.

My drive to the house is one where I empty my mind and only keep on music in which makes me feel who I'm about to be.
I arrive, I park, I check the mirror, I lock my car and walk over to the house, I spit out my gum and am impressed with the distance (really such a lady - I know). Standing in front of the house, I walk up the three steps. I stop and look up - it's been such a long time; I feel nervous, I feel excited, I feel nauseous, I want to turn around and go home, I want to continue up the steps. I continue up the steps to the to the porch, taking in a deep breath and expelling it out I take a step towards his door - then I see him, which scares the hell out of me and I jump. He's sitting silently on the porch watching me; he usually greets me at the door. I walk over to him and quietly say hello. He places a thick black ski cap over my head and down over my eyes. He stands up, grabs the front of my throat tightly, all the feelings come rushing back into me - I'm his whore tonight, his sub, his slave, his fuck-toy and his rag doll.

He was angry that I haven't come to him in a long time, I knew he was going to treat me roughly, I knew his goal was to break me down, it was deserved.
He kisses me hard, I don't particularly like kissing him, and I often squirm or try to pull away in which he then holds my throat with a tighter grip. He sits back down and I descend to my knees before him, he pushes my head towards his crotch, I open my mouth and take my Master's cock like second nature. I begin sucking, he pets my head and says "good girl", I'm content. As I suck his cock, I feel him pulling down the straps of my tank top and bra they slide down my shoulder. I don't dare stop sucking as he undresses me; my tank top is pushed down below my breasts and then my bra is roughly pushed down. He holds my throat and my chin with one hand and his other on top of my head and he begins to control my movements, I'm uncomfortable being outside on his porch, I reason with myself and realize that the side of the house is on my left a table and chairs is on my right side and I'm between his legs, so I'm not really so out in the open. He then stands me up, I cover up my breasts immediately, he pushes my hands away, "Never cover this body from me". I'm not 100% comfortable standing naked as it is - worse I'm outside for the world to see - ugh. He removes my jeans, and pulls my shirt and bra off and now I'm suddenly much, much more aware of my nakedness.
He pushes me back to my knees. With his cock back in my mouth I hear every minute sound, and between being blindfolded and naked outside my senses are especially heightened. I suck his cock as I remember he likes it and I'm eager to please him, he notes it, "Ah, good girl you remember just how your Master like his cock sucked, good slave. Look at you, naked on your knees outside for all to see you serve me."

I hate being out on the porch, I wish it would end, it's too open I'm too exposed. "That's it feel the wind blow against that soft skin, feel the breeze rise up against that cunt. It better wet and dripping for me -." With that he moves my head away from his cock, reaches down and touches my pussy - "Mmm, dripping, just as a sluts pussy should be" I whimper at the first feeling of his fingers, I want more, but he moves them away. My mouth hungrily find his cock again, he shoves me down hard onto it, he chokes me, I whimper, my nails dig into his calves. I suddenly hear a car approaching, it stops (at the stop sign) in front of his house, I whimper quietly, and move in as close as possible. I feel scared, even a bit child like. I want him to hide me, protect me from others seeing me. "Do not remove my cock from that mouth" he says as he softly stokes my back ...... the car passes.

He led me up to his bedroom, the TV is on and blaring loud. I hate the TV being on, it becomes my enemy, its booming volume forcing me to listen even harder to his footsteps, to any surrounding sounds - my instinct I now rely on while blindfolded - my ears.
He turns me and pushes down onto my shoulder, I bend down onto my knees he then pushes me forward and I'm lying on his cold glass coffee table. I quickly become frightened, yet stay silent. The cold harshness of the table, it was the last place I had been in this house before I ran out months ago. I hate the feeling of the glass against my skin - it's a sign of relentlessness and punishment.
He places my hands behind my back, I hold my own hands, he lays my face down to one side with my cheek against the table now.
My body is quivering, I'm frightened, the god-damn TV is so loud and I can't hear a thing he is doing, I only hear CNN blaring with news reporter voices and diction filling my head. Suddenly I feel the hard slap of a paddle across my ass - once - I cry out, then again harder, I cry out again. "You will never run out on me again will you cunt?" I meekly say "No Sir". He touches my hands and my shoulder - I know to sit up, he turns me to him and kisses me, then pushes my head to his cock, I quickly find it and enthusiastically suck. "On all fours, like the little bitch you are" I quickly obey and then slightly part my legs before he tells me to. I feel so open in this position and degraded as well. On all fours, sucking and licking him, like a cock-hungry whore. But I love it; my pussy is dripping, dripping down onto my thighs.
He places a very thin collar over my head, it fits tightly around my neck and I feel a leash attached. I'm now his animal. He pulls at the collar, "C'mon plaything - up on the bed" I climb onto his bed - he lays me down and puts his cock (again) into my mouth. "You will swallow your Master's cum you will NOT pull away" I reply, "Yes Sir" but know I will pull away - it's my nature.

A few minutes go by, he pushes my head closer and I know he's going to cum. I pull away - he tries to hold me but he loses grip and I'm able to move my head away. He gets up onto his knees, over me holding my face. I grit my teeth as hard as I can and keep my lips closed, he pinches my nose and I know at some point I'll have to breathe .... I wait it out to the last minute then I try to be slick and not let him see me breath in, but the minute I loosened my lips he shoved his cock deep into my mouth, stretching it, hurting my throat. He held my head down hard and I couldn't move an inch, he fucks my throat, cums, I can barely swallow due the fact that his cock is so far down my throat, I can barely breathe. I manage to swallow, and just as I'm about to really start choking on his cock and his cum he pulls his cock away, quickly grabs hold of my mouth and my throat and forces me to swallow.
I sit up coughing and gasping for air, I'm so turned on it scares me. CT apologizes for having to do it that way but tells me if I don't cooperate there is no other way - but force. He goes to get me a glass of water....never knowing just how much that turned me on.

He then lays me down, making sure my head is comfortable on the pillows - I can tell he did laundry (as always) the sheets smell fresh. We lie quietly for a while as he touches my body - my lips, my pussy, my clit, my clit, his finger inside me now slowly in and out, his thumb on my clit... my back arches and I'm on the borderline of cumming for him. "That's it my pet, cum for me, cum for me, you deserve it" I cum hard and long for him... it felt deliciously good, we lay quietly again, he continues touching my body... I start to fall asleep, he then nudges my head and shoulders, I slink down the bed to his cock, I take it in my hand and am about to lean over his legs. "No toy" he says as he pushes me head away, "lie there by my feet". I lie next to his knees, on my side; I curl up, my back against his legs. He keeps the collar and leash tight, not letting me forget they are there. I almost feel like Princes Leia from Star Wars in the scene where Jabba the Hutt has her collared and on a leash next to him; that scene always did turn me on, seeing her like that -hmmm... no wonder... He strokes my head and I fall asleep.
I wake up to tugging on the collar and the ski cap still covering my eyes. He tugs again; I climb up to him and lie back down. "Time to make use of your holes, girl" He moves me to the middle of the bed and places a pillow underneath my head, he fixes the ski cap so that it's now pulled over the majority of my face, only my mouth and chin are exposed. I'm tired and groggy, I hear him putting a condom on, he's over me, spreads my legs with his knees. "This hole better be hungry and wet for me" His cock pushes into me a bit, I cry out - it hurts. (CT has the biggest cock I have ever! - Anytime he fucks me it hurts in the beginning but this time it was worse). He pushes further, I'm crying out... "What a very, very tight hole, take it cunt, take that pain, take my cock." He starts to fuck me harder; his cock still not fully inside me, the ski cap is starting to rise off of my face as he fucks me. "Can't let this come off - I don't care to see your face, you're my fuck object - a delicious young body with a tight hole, perfect tits and you just happen to have a gorgeous face, which I could care less to see right now". With that said he pulls the cap down over my face again leaving only my mouth and chin visible. He grabs my throat, squeezes and fucks me like an animal or you can say he fucks me just like a fuck object should be.
His cock still hurts me, but I'm happy to be used, it feels good. He instructs me to say that I'm his slave, his whore a few times throughout my cries. I do so, but beg him to stop; I tell him repeatedly it hurts... He then covers my mouth with his hands and tells me to shut the hell up; he doesn't care if he hurts his cunt. This turns me on so much more and my pussy increasingly becomes wetter.
He suddenly stops, yet leaves his cock inside me. "I love stretching your hole" I reply, "Thank you Sir".
I feel his lips on mine, kissing me...Then his hand is on face, and pinching my nose his other hand is holding my chin, his mouth is on my lips and kissing me again, but I can't seem to breathe between the kisses (as one normally does). I try to but I can't he prevents me - there are no between the kisses - he keeps his lips on mine. Then I feel his hips gyrating into me, slowly moving his cock inside my pussy. I start to squirm and I try to take a breath again, though this time I can - it's his breath, it comes from him. This is weird, it feels weird. I soon discover that I can only breathe when he gives me the air to. Overall I'm a bit panicked, but I trust him. Gyrating his cock into me, while breathing into my lungs. I didn't feel human... I didn't know what I felt but it was so weird. I think at that moment I really did feel like an object. His huge hand over my face holding my face while he filled my lungs with his breath, during which the whole time he gyrates and fucks my hole.

He finishes fucking me; I fall asleep next to him. Hours later I wake up it's about 5AM -the ski cap is off of my face, his hand is over my mouth, he pulls the collar tightly as he stretches my pussy with this cock one last time.

I go home tired and used. I sneak into my home - step into the shower, wash away the slut, the whore, the slave and the fuck toy I had been. I step out of the shower, climb into bed and fall asleep as if Joey-the-good-girl has been there all night long.


Blogger Arashi-KIshu said...

Yup! Luved Slave Leia I made a SL costume for myself.

You should make one for yourself as well! Halloween is coming up. I'd love to do costume-fantasy roleplay sometime!

10/03/2005 7:52 PM  
Blogger Adam said...

Good to have you back Joey - that was freakin awesome!!

10/04/2005 5:20 AM  
Blogger Oswald Croll said...

Holy Crap, talk about returning with a "bang"....pardon the pun.
Well that story is going to be responsible for me having to take an extra long "lunch" at home.

Once again.....I'm aching.
Thanks Joey,

10/04/2005 1:30 PM  
Anonymous deepak said...

that was really awesome....i should stop reading this in the middle of a work day...quite difficult to work on complex analysis, i just want to go back home and start off ..... keep writing and welcome to the new home on the net

10/05/2005 5:11 AM  
Anonymous Sasha said...

Hey Joey! Nice to see you again. :)

10/06/2005 3:38 AM  
Blogger Innocuous Male said...

Oh, the ideas this puts in my head...


Lovely story, Joey, and well told...

10/06/2005 10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

I have a swingers site/blog. It pretty much covers swingers related stuff.

Come and check it out if you get time :-)

10/06/2005 7:37 PM  

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