Wednesday, September 21, 2005

How It Came To Be - Part I

The Teenage Years
I've known Morgan since I was about 12/13ish.

He lived with my friend's family - her older brother and Morgan sometimes drove us to school. Lol... If you ever ask Morgan - he would tell you about the Hello Kitty perfume I had worn and how it was unbearable (at least to them). I get so embarrassed when he tells the story, I just bury my face in my hands and beg him to stop, he laughs at me and goes on telling the story. Anyway... I didn't know him consecutively through the years, in high school we didn't know each other very well and he never seemed to be at my friend’s house when I was there.

Our Reason
Years later (I was prolly about 19ish) we happened to work at the same Restaurant together. I had absolutely no interest in him - YUCK! He was grungy and had kind of long greasy looking hair. We became friends and would often go out after work with the other servers, or we'd all go see his band play - we had lots of crazy fun nights! While working at the Restaurant together he and a friend of his C.C. would torture me! They’d play pranks on me, constantly, and consistently throughout the nights - it started to disrupt our work and I began to hate them. Eventually we started bickering and the manager had to separate us all during any shifts - it got so bad that I stopped talking and going out with them (PS - He loves to tell those stories as well - but I have to give it to them - they pulled some nice ones on me). Ultimately the pranks stopped, Morgan and C.C. apologized and again we were all friends. We worked together for two years at the Restaurant - two very fun years. But, all waitressing jobs come to an end, I eventually stopped working at the Restaurant and lost touch with Morgan.

The Catch-Up
Years later, and low on cash I went back to the Restaurant to work. It was December and the annual Christmas Party was taking place at one of the Restaurants other locations (No, this was not a chain - I won't work for chains). At the party I ran into Morgan and we were both so happy to see each other. He still worked for the Restaurant and was now bartending at this location (as in my previous posts - the Bar). His long-term girlfriend, Q, was with him that night - he introduced us. Here and there during the night we talked, but then later that evening we ran into each other near the rest rooms (towards the back of the restaurant) - so we caught up some more. Q had a conniption fit, started crying and walked out - Oy Vey!
Later that evening a friend of ours was driving me home from the party, his cell rang - it was Morgan - Q kicked him out of the car and he was stranded. This was all due to him catching up with an old friend (me).

From that night on Morgan and I became good friends. I began to go to the bar with friends on the nights he worked, afterwards the whole lot of us would go out, sometimes Q came along and sometimes she didn't. Sometimes Q was nice to me, and sometimes she wasn't - whatever!
Morgan and Q were dating for years, they lived together as well. Morgan loved Q, her family had become his - which was a big deal. You see Morgan doesn't speak to his family, at about 13/14 he emancipated himself and went on to live with my friend's family. Morgan only speaks to very, very few family members and hasn't spoken to his parents nor siblings for countless years now. Q' s family had become Morgan's family.

The Re-Newed Friendship
Morgan and I starting hanging out, outside of the Bar and Restaurant. We would go to the local hole-in-the-wall have some beer and watch some games, later on his friends would meet up with us (and sometimes Q as well) and I began to go to his house more often (no, Q was not there then). My roommate (at the time) joined Morgan's band, so I began to see even more of him. We grew close, and began confiding in each other.

Obviously him and Q weren't doing so well. I knew it - he knew it, this went on for about a year plus some. He never really confided in me with what was going on with him and Q, but he wasn't happy nor was she....

Then one afternoon we kissed, and I never ever, ever -evereverever- imagined he would kiss as he did - so sweet, so soft, so yummy! Things moved along.... For a long time I was quite uncomfortable (self consciously) with Morgan. I wanted to be - but I couldn't, he noticed something wasn't right, got me to talk about it... Morgan told me that whatever bothered me, ever - I simply needed to tell him and talk about it, there's no reason to let is fester. He also wanted to be honest with each other (we were in a weird situation). I had never met a guy who wanted that, I thought it to be so healthy.

That year we became the definition of friends with benefits. During this whole time Morgan and Q were still together but they spent less and less time together. Then she moved out, they broke up. I can't even begin to describe what Morgan went through. He was miserable, depressed, saddened, lost, etc...
He was a mess but hid it well at first. Little by little he stopped going out, he'd work at the Bar, and go home. I'd go out with the others and later end up at his house.

to be continued...


Blogger magdelena said...

Thanks for this insight into Morgan, and the evolving nature of your relationship. Interesting that you've known each other for some time, and that life keeps bringing you back together. Inevitably that sets the mind to wondering.

How are you feeling these days? You sound better. Hugs, Lena X

9/22/2005 12:03 PM  

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