Tuesday, October 25, 2005

On, off, on.... Off

TYD decided he wanted back, I wasn't sure if I should go there or not - mostly in fear that he'd back out - again. (We last left off when he had decided to end this but we still kept in touch and through that he had changed his mind.) He promised not to back out again, and I promised to be a better sub to him.... (I was a bit bratty).

We met in the park; I was instructed to bring rubber bands and my paddle brush. I expected to receive a severe spanking - it was certainly due. In our spot in the park he sits on the bench. I am on my knees in front of him; he lowers my shirt and then my bra. As he used to do, he gropes and fondles my breasts; he tells me I'm in for a bit of pain, I nod "Yes Sir". He asks for the rubber bands, placing one around each breast, then another and another and another, I end up losing count more than 5 less than 10ish?! God damn, they hurt and to make it worse, he squeezes and starts to slap them. At first, he hits each breast hard but goes slow. I whimper with each slap. As seconds pass he becomes more aggressive, the dominance grows, hitting my rubber banded tits harder and faster, over and over. I raise my shoulders and cover myself with my hands, hearing his annoyed voice "Move those hands away"... After doing that a few time me makes me put my hands on the back of my head which only; A) presented my tits better to him and B)I now had to make a conscious effort to keep my hands on my head - that was bad. The beating went on and on, in my moments of weakness all I could do to was hunch downward as to protect them. He pushed me up by my shoulders, and slap after slap to my tits. It stung, it burned, it hurt - a lot. I was on the verge of tears but not once did I plead for him to stop. During the beating I tried to embrace the pain, to take the pain my Dom is giving me with some sort of happiness - I couldn't though, and I couldn't believe I was doing this.
And I don't mean "this" as in the whole situation, I liked the situation, I like him using me, I mean "this" in that he was fully beating my tits, my girls - the girls I love and cherish, and who shouldn't be subject to something so, so painful.
When he finally stopped my tits felt hot, so hot. He pulled the rubber bands off then dragged his nails across the top of my tits just to torture me that much more.
TYD instructed me to take his cock out - I did, he let me suck it - asked me if I was happy and I certainly was - I enjoy sucking his cock. He then stood up, told me not to move my head (his cock still in my mouth) and proceeded to fuck my face well. He choked me with his cock completely and ends up cumming on my face.

Throughout the whole time we both had heard noises in the woods that lay behind the fence that surrounds the small park. He was creeped out and it was late so we left.

On my drive home, my breasts hurt so badly and I was in shock at what I had done. He really had beat them - I didn't cry though - that only made me see that it's extremely hard for me to completely let go and cry for someone in that matter. I think I need to have a real connection with the man who will bring me to tears for him during our sex play.

Once home I tended to my wounds - and oh boy was I wounded! My breast looked horrible. I didn't fine anything remotely erotic/hot about the giant (GIANT!!) bruises that covered them. They were past the blueish purple - they were redish and blue in color. I was ashamed and a little embarrassed. I didn't regret what I had done but I knew I was not going to do it again. I waited a few days before talking to TYD - I needed to be 100% sure that I wanted this to end.
I didn't end it because I didn't like what he had done - it's just that he's a bit of a sadist and I'm not a masochist. As a good friend of mine put it - I like to be used and not abused.
TYD needs a masochist, a girl who will crave the abuse and the pain....

This all happened quite a few weeks ago, it took at least 2 full weeks for my girls to heal.

He and I still chat - and only chat.


Blogger Oswald Croll said...

Ouch...sounds painfull. I never got into the pain as a turn-on thing. A good spanking is hot...I love it, but I don't know if I can be into someone that hurts me and knows they are doing it.

10/25/2005 11:43 PM  
Blogger ShannonPowers said...

It's really a sweet thing when slut will cry for you. I love that. Her tears are soooo precious. Tears are also an aphrodisiac, for sure. Obviously you are a good girl.

11/10/2005 2:16 PM  

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