Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sandy, oh Sandy

I went to Morgan’s the other night. He told me that he passed on an available place - the place was far, far from me, but it's in a location he loves.

When he last spoke to me on the phone, he told me it was getting harder and harder to leave (the location that's far, far from me) at the time I was out shopping and didn't want to hear it - he went on and on about it. I kept telling I don't want to talk about this right now, ( I wasn't in the mood to have it all on my mind and to be sad about it) then I finally said to him - I just want you to make a fair decision.

He told me that after we hung up, that really stuck in his head and the next day he called and told the realtor that he wasn't interested any longer.
I was ecstatic to hear about his decision! But I was still upset with how he's all over the place with me - (hence my previous post). Well I told him everything about how I feel; I pretty much re-iterated my last post to him.

He then explained that he calls me cause he's so in the moment of how's he is feeling and just wants to tell me. He went on to say, now that I told him how I feel he realized that what he says to me really isn't too gentle. I explained that I still want him to call me at those times and let me know what’s going on - but to realize how he says it to me - he agreed.
He then threw Sandy down on the bed and kissed her silly.


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