Friday, August 19, 2005


I could have been taken
I could have been owned
I could have come home
after work - his home
Stripped naked - for him
Left in the most natural state and uninhibited form

I could have been his, his slave
Worn his collar
Living such a simple life
At times kept
on a leash
in a cage
on a bed
fed, bathed, loved

He did love me, he does love me
He misses me
using me
feeling me
engulfing me, my scent, my skin,
my eyes, my curves - where my buttocks meets my thighs
He'd teach me, train me, discipline me
I would have been perfect - perfect for him - for us


Blogger magdelena said...

Could have? Would have? Regret tinged with something deeper, a full and final surrender. Maybe one day it will be our perfect day.

A beautiful, sensual piece, which the title fully yet so simply describes.

8/21/2005 5:45 AM  

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