Thursday, April 21, 2005

Hand and Thigh

About a year ago I finished one of those long hard days at work. That kind of day where you feel like absolute shit, you hate what your wearing, it’s bad hair day and on top of it - it was one of those grueling days in the office.
I throw my hair up in a messy pony-tail make my way to Grand Central and pray – pray that I do not see a single sole who I might possibly know.
I sit down in a two-seater on the train, the inside seat, I close my eyes, begging to just be home already. A man sits down next to me; I glance over at him – nothing special and no-one I know – perfect! As people are boarding the train there’s a bit of commotion ahead - some teenager with an attitude annoyed an elderly woman – people next to them take care of it, and the man next to me says “Sheesh, what a jerk”, I agree with him and smile then lay my head back against the seat.
Finally the train departs… I close my eyes to take a 30 min nap. I sleep quite lightly on the train, and I’ve never missed my station in the 5 years I’ve worked in the city. Within in about 10 minutes I think I feel something on my leg, a little above my knee, yet I’m not quite sure. I start thinking to myself: Your bag is on your knees (and it’s fallen forward leaning onto my stomach), so I’m guess maybe my bag moved up a bit, ok Joey just try to go back to sleep it’s nothing. I close my eyes…. Again – there it is again! Now I know it’s not my bag, it’s warm and it’s actually pressed down onto my thigh, this definitely feels like a hand. OK stay calm, remain relaxed. I haven’t yet opened my eyes. Oh-my-god the dude sitting next to me actually has the balls to put his hand on my thigh – are you KIDDING me. This stranger is fully feeling up my thigh. Stay still and act as if you're sleeping, as this ballsy Groping Stranger starts to move his hand higher up my thigh. He moves it very, very slowly. I get a little frightened, so I pretend to wake-up (also to see what he does). I gotta give it to him – he’s somewhat smart the Groping Stranger doesn’t quickly take his hand away, which would be too obvious. He actually just lifts it up and keeps it there hovering right above my thigh!

Your prolly wondering how is he doing this without anyone seeing and without him thinking I see it. Well if you’ve ever ridden on a Metro-North train you’d know that these seats are so close together also its winter in NY, everyone has one big bulgy jackets. So between my jacket and my bag, no one can see where his hand is.

I look out the window to waste a little time and give him a chance to take his hand away – he doesn’t- he leaves it there hovering above my thigh. Ugh! I close my eyes again and lay my head back. Part of me is somewhat freaked and out scared and part of me is fully turned on from the Groping Stranger’s hand on my thigh and by his bold and daring moves. I pretend to fall back asleep, within a few minutes, his hand starts to travel back up my thigh. He goes very, very slowly, making snail-like timing up my thigh. Now he’s getting pretty close to my crotch and I’m sure his hand can already feel my warmth, I figure two can play at this game Mr. Groping Stranger! I pretend to wake up again, and as quickly as my eyes open his hand is hovering above my thigh – impressive I gotta hand it to the man! I close my eyes and again within a few minutes he softly places his hand back onto my thigh. The conductor comes through our car – I “wake up” and as I do this time he slyly moves his hand away. He does it so well that I’m not even sure when it’s fully gone. Conductor comes by – I flash my train pass…. Let the games continue:
It all starts over again – I “fall asleep” and within a few minutes – well actually he waited a little longer this time – then his big hand back onto my thigh, leaving it there for a bit and then getting closer to my crotch. The train would soon be approaching my stop, I now I was genuinely nervous that he would follow me off. So I had to end this (no, you perves he never made it to my crotch!) – I again “wake up” and proceeded to stay awake for the next 10-15 minutes. The stop before my own I planned to get up and walk to another car of the train to exit so that he wouldn’t follow me – but he ends up getting off at that stop. He looks over at me with a smirk on his face and says “Have a good night” I could only think “I’m glad you just did”!


Blogger Alex said...

I ride the subway for 30 minutes both ways almost everyday. I have thought about sex on a crowded subway. If I tried to do it there, I would want to get my partner on the last car of the train in the very back. In the doorway that would lead to the next car if there was a next car, but in this case there isn’t one. There’s a space where we would be behind the last row of seats which are facing away from us. If the train was crowded, no one would think anything of a woman being just in front of me. My partner might be even with the people sitting in the last row of seats, but they are looking forward. It would not be normal for them to look at my woman to their side. So she could press her backside into me and no one would notice. The view of her from people in front of us would be blocked by the people in the aisles in front of us. They would be facing forward away from us. No one likes to face backwards when the train is going forward. So we would have a very private connection in a very public place. And if it was in the winter and she held her coat in front of herself, I could lift the back of her skirt, maybe pulldown her panties and feel her gorgeous ass. And if I unzipped my pants, I could slide my dick along the crack of her ass… maybe leaning against that door I could slide my body down enough to get in position to penetrate her wet pussy. We would try to remain still, but the cornering of the train would rock us without any effort on our part. And I would cum inside her, pull out, zip my pants, pull her panties back up and put her skirt back down and try to pretend like nothing happened…

4/22/2005 3:02 PM  
Blogger Michael K said...

Loves it Joey Mad.

4/22/2005 5:40 PM  
Blogger Toad734 said...

You could have always maced him

4/26/2005 5:14 PM  
Blogger Adam said...

Joey, it's been days and days, where you at?

4/27/2005 1:29 AM  
Blogger Joey said...

I stopped carrying mace after it exploded in my backpack bag in 7th grade, it was all over my books, pens - everything it got on my hands and then as expected into my eyes and mouth. I ran out of my room, past my mom (who was on the phone) into the kitchen screaming it burns, it burns... lol

4/27/2005 3:37 PM  

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