Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Weekend Round-up

Friday night was my usual night - I went to the bar where Morgan works; though he just informed me that he's given them his two-weeks notice :(
I got somewhat drunk went back to Morgan's and had yummy yummy sex.

Sidenote: I've recently told Morgan about my interest and
experiance in D/s. He was blown away by this, he couldn't believe that I had this crazy kinky side to me - he loved it. Since I've revealed this to him, he has not stopped talking about it, and questioning me about it. He says he wants to try it; well I don't think it's something someone can exactly "try". But then again maybe it is - maybe it's in him to be a dominant controlling man (mmmmmm...) and we wouldn't find out unless he tried.

So throughout our yummy sex he wanted to tie me up - I told him not tonight but I promise him on Saturday we will.

Saturday night was our Passover Seder - 30 people at dinner, at least 4 glasses of wine each person = much fun! I had about 5 glasses of wine, then went to Morgan's he told me he wanted to spend his b~day with me (awww). And then he brings up the tying. I'm still not comfortable with him doing this. I fully trust him but I thought it would be weird. I also had other reasons... which he figured out (he's so intuitive). We end up kissing and then I let him...

I'm laying on the bed on my back as we are kissing he stops and tells me not to move a muscle. He comes back, and blindfolds me, takes my pants & shirt off... then leads me to the other side of the room and sits me into a chair. He then asks me if I trust him, and I say yes. He then kisses me. He ties my hands behind me to the back of the chair then takes my bra off but lets it fall down past my stomach (he can't take it off now that my arms are tied). He touches me lightly here and there. Then all of sudden he hits my nipples with something, I figured it out to be the wire brush from his drum set (yes he's plays the drums - hot!). It hurt - I took the pain, I liked the pain. He orders me to spread my legs, I open them a bit. I didn't do that to misbehave, it only opened them a bit - because this is Morgan giving me orders, and it's very weird. I was quite fidgety, and nervous. I had a hard time letting myself go, or letting myself get into it. I couldn’t bring myself to obey his every word, to be fully submissive to him.

He then ties my legs to the bottom legs of the chair, not only does he tie my ankles but he wraps the cloth around my ankles, calves and thighs and then back down to my ankles; my legs were fully restrained and spread open for him. He touched my cunt lightly with his fingertips, I was quivering. I just wanted him to untie me, throw me on the bed and fuck me. He grabs my face and puts his cock to my lips, I open my mouth and take his cock, I suck it, suck it hard for him, as he tells me show me how badly you want me to fuck you. As I'm sucking him feel his legs begin to quiver and I can tell he's about to cum. He then pulls away and cums all over my tits & stomach. He walks away leaving me there covered in his cum for about 10 minutes... When he returns he tells me I'm not to wipe it off, he unties me kisses me deeply. We walk over to the bed; I'm still quiet I'm not sure if "it's over". Then he looks at me and says - "I'm sure I just did horrible" I was like - "Oh my god no - you fully impressed me!" We then fucked and all was well!

Sunday - went to Morgan's bar, but didn't go home with him, he had a bad day and just wanted to go to bed - understandable, but I always though that a good fucking (or at least a blow-job)can always make a bad day go away?!! Well he certainly missed out!

I was going to call the BWFB but I then remembered I'm upset with him. He missed my b~day (usually not a big deal but after 11 years of friendship - thats just bullshit), ignored a text message of mine. Then a few days later he text's my phone - here's the text's (my thoughts in italic)

BFWB: Blowjob? (Are you serious, did he literally just text me and say - blowjob? I cannot believe him - how fucking rude and disrespectful. )


BFWB: Are you mad?

ME: Yes, but it's too much to explain on here.

BFWB: What's wrong?

ME: I just told you it's too much to type out on here, I shouldn't even need to tell you this - but call me if you care to know.

He didn't call me, ugh - I have no patience with this one. I practically don't care it’s just that we have such animalistic attraction to each other that it's unbelievable what happens when we get together.


Blogger Michael K said...

BFWB is so rude! He didn't even say Hi or anything?!? Just Blowjob? EWWWW!

That Morgan story was tres' hot!

4/27/2005 4:25 PM  
Blogger Freddy said...

I'm new here. I'll be a regular from here on in though :-)
Buy him a couple of erotic novels, or point him towards such things. Is he, are you, potential switch material?
His comment when he untied you suggests a reticence, yet his actions suggest he understands what can be horny. I think he'd like to be tied up himself.
Just a thought on casual acquaintance, possibly influenced by my own desires and kinks.

4/28/2005 1:28 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

you didn't find anything wrong with the fact that you told Morgan you weren't comfortable with being tied up, but he sneaked it up on you anyway?

Doesn't that freak you out about trust??--not to mention his (what looks like scant)level of respect for your wishes?

4/28/2005 7:26 AM  
Anonymous SJR said...

Holy sh*t! That was Hot! I think I'll be reading from now on also!

4/28/2005 11:07 AM  
Blogger Joey said...

MichealK -
I'm so fed up with BFWB! He'll usually text me with: "Will I be seeing you later?", "Are you around later?", "I'm working tonight want to stop by?", and “Do you have the apt. to yourself tonight?" Often I’d get some pretty sexy messages from him; "I'm dying to feel you lips around my cock tonight" or "I’d love to suck on your nipples and make you moan let's get together tonight". But to say "Blowjob?" GRRRRRR... He's really done it this time!
PS - MichealK - I'm surprised you haven't posted about Maggie Gyllenhall’s comments on 9/11.

Freddy -
Welcome!! I love having new readers, especially ones that post; I appreciate hearing everyone's comments, and opinions.
I agree with you, I do think that Morgan wants me to tie him up.

Ekbensah -
Sometimes it's hard on here to portray my exact feelings at the moment and the whole scenario. Morgan has known me for a long time and he's my closest friend. There are times when I say no and mean it, and there are times I say no and want to be seduced into it. I know it's a very thin line but he always knows which side I'm on. I fully trust him and know he would never do anything to harm me or break my trust.
Thanks for you concern and your insight on the matter. I'll remember to try to expose more.

4/28/2005 11:24 AM  
Blogger Michael K said...

Joey Madison, I'm over Maggie. She disgusts me! I thought of posting something, but she doesn't deserve it! She wants press that's why she said what she said. She dresses gross. I'm over her, but I looooves you.

does BFWB have a big one at least?

4/28/2005 12:35 PM  
Blogger Joey said...

Michael K, He not big-big.. but I do LOVE his cock!
As for Maggie - I don't know what she said I just heard that she made some awful comments. There's something I like about her - maybe it was just her role in Secretary.

SJR - Welcome and thanks for reading!

4/28/2005 1:09 PM  
Blogger Michael K said...

Who has a bigger one, Morgan or BFWB?

4/28/2005 3:25 PM  
Blogger Joey said...

Morgan, Morgan, MORGAN!

4/28/2005 3:56 PM  
Blogger Michael K said...

Who's hotter? Morgan or BFWB?

4/29/2005 12:54 PM  
Blogger Joey said...

Now that's a hard one (hee hee I love puns!) They are both completely different! Neither one is hotter than the other.

4/29/2005 1:57 PM  

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