Friday, April 29, 2005

Gooch, Grundle, and What TO DO?

Last night I went over to Morgan's we watched a horrible, horribly bad porno, yet amusing. During the dreadful porno Morgan was between my legs lapping my pussy. I normally hate that, I truly don't enjoy a man down there sucking and licking my cunt, but Morgan has changed my view (a bit), he is the only guy who I allow to do that to me. I fully enjoy when he does it but all in all I could still go without it and I’d be fine. (I know I'm a weird girl).
Afterwards I gleefully returned the favor. Morgan has a great cock, almost a perfect one - not quite perfect but damn close to it. I'm about 30 minutes into sucking his cock, he stops me and pulls me up towards him, we start kissing, deep long kisses, we turn over switching positions,

I'm now lying down on my back and he makes his way back down to my kitty, all I want to do is suck his cock and as he's driving me crazy as I feel his tongue thrusting in and out of my pussy. I'm dying to suck his cock, begging him at this point but he ignores my pleading at first and continues with the tongue action. Finally he turns around (while still over me) and his cock is now fully erect and there for me right above my mouth. I take it in my mouth suckling and licking, devouring his delicious cock. I pull it out and lick his shaft to his balls. He goes crazy; he loves when I lick his balls. I have his cock in one hand and am rubbing nice, hard, slow strokes between my tits, while still my warm, hot tongue is licking, and licking his balls. Then I hit the spot, right between his balls and his ass (what the hell is the word for that - gooch, grundle?!) I lick then I suck it for a few moment and his cock starts twitching I know he's about to cum, I do it again and he begins licking my clit and nibbling it, we both are moaning and grinding our hips into each other’s faces - we're about to explode; I take his cock in my mouth just in time to feel his hot cum shoot straight down my throat, as I cum so hard for him.
He then lies down next to me the - two of us are fully satisfied and spent.
I end up going home and get into bed at about 3 am.... My lips still bright red and partially numb - oh what a feeling!
Morgan's birthday is this weekend. We will be mainly celebrating it on Saturday, but hope the festivities continue through Sunday night (or Monday morning should I say!).
So the POA (Plan Of Action) is:
Today will be our normal Friday night, he's working at the bar, and I'll go over to his place afterwards and sleep over.
On Saturday, we are either going upstate to his cabin, or going to CT and getting a hotel room for the day & night. Morgan has requested that he wants a weekend of sex. But not our usual mind-blowing sex this time he wants crazy, go-all-out, sex like we've never had before. He's also requested that the first three hours are all about Him. And I'm to do anything and everything that I want. HOLY SHIT!
My dear readers - you know this is not me; I'm not the take control kind of gal, here let me experiment with your cock, balls and ass. But I have to do this; I really want to do this!
Please someone map this out for me, make it a little easier and give me a full blow-by-blow (no pun intended, well a little pun intended) as to what I should do for 3 HOURS LONG. I figured for the first hour I'll give him a full body massage - Morgan flips out over my massages so an hour long one, I figure he'll be quite happy with! But I still have two full hours left - help help help!


Blogger Michael K said...

Joey Madison, you are one of the hottest girls ever! Morgan is so lucky!

4/29/2005 12:53 PM  
Anonymous SJR said...

How am I supposed to concentrate here at work after reading something like that??? Had to hide the hard-on for a few minutes!!! Have fun over the weekend!

4/29/2005 1:03 PM  
Blogger Joey said...

Thanks guys!

- But c'mom you gotta help me out with the Morgan Birthday Crisis - please give me some kind of direction!

4/29/2005 1:15 PM  
Anonymous SJR said...

Well an hour for the massage, that's a very good start. A possible plan would be to make it into a very slow and long 3 hour tease.

Wear something you know turns him on... tease him during the massage, I know that drives me crazy...

After the massage, maybe a lap dance is in order. I loooove lap dances from girls that I know. Because with girls I know, as opposed to the strip club variety, I can run my hands anywhere I want! Sexy, skanty clothing being worn, get right up on me and tease the shit out of me with all the grinding, suggestive moves, hair in the face, tongue and lips in strategic places. Let him do what he wants with his hands, to a point. Unzip him and grind on him. Whatever cool sex music you like on in the backround, low lighting. I'm telling, you, that is such a turn on. Make it last for a while, torture him for at least 45 minutes with it or so. He'll be aching for it.

From there, I'm sure he's not going to care, he's just going to want to get into you!

4/29/2005 2:52 PM  
Blogger Michael K said...

sjr, good good!

The massage, the dance, that's all hot!

4/29/2005 2:53 PM  
Blogger Joey said...

SJR - Very nice, I didn't even think of that - I'll definitely be throwing that into the mix of things.
I'm just nervous about the crazy-kinky things he wants. We're talking tying him up, using crops, even some anal action.. oy vey!

4/29/2005 3:52 PM  
Anonymous SJR said...

Glad you liked the lapdance idea. I so need one of those myslef it's killing me!

Crops huh? well I don't have too much experience with crops, so I can't help you out there, lol!

Though I do know a bit about blindfolding, using various things as ice and hot oil and other aids to drive a person crazy!!!

But trying new things is fun, as long as you are comfortable with it at the time! And you never know, you might really like some of the crazy-kinky stuff!!!

4/29/2005 4:37 PM  
Blogger Joey said...


I'm not scared of crops, I've had them used on me, and enjoyed it. But we're talking about me jumping to the other side of the fence. I won't be in the submissive role I'll have to be more dominating - I'm gonna do this somehow!

4/29/2005 9:59 PM  
Blogger Hoagie1 said...

I believe it is gooch or taint.

Some people call it the 'chode,' but thats still diputed because there is another definition for chode: a penis that is wider than it is long.

What is perfect cock?

4/30/2005 11:23 AM  
Anonymous SJR said...

Ok, so how did the weekend go? Don't leave us hanging without the details!!!

5/02/2005 11:54 AM  
Blogger Freddy said...

You won't manage it babe. You need to explain to him that you aren't a teasing kind of gal. My S isn't - oh she can tease, but not for long because under all the teasing she understands that she is denying herself too, and she can't do that.
You are too much of a submissive to take the sort of control that Morgan wants. But, you can have 3 hours of sex by simply responding to his needs. 3 hours is no time at all if you're both in tune. Fuck him senseless then stimulate him again. MAKE him hard again. The anal play with the beads may help (don't forget the lube!). The fact that you love to give a bj WILL help. Maybe tieing him and making him your sex-toy will turn him on. Kissing helps, just turn him on and fuck him again. Trust me, nothing is hornier for a guy than the feeling that you have become nothing more than a living dildo.
Oh and this way, you get to have a good time too

5/04/2005 1:21 AM  
Blogger Joey said...

Thanks for the input Freddy! You're prolly right.

5/05/2005 5:03 PM  

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