Monday, April 11, 2005


On Friday night I met up with the new one (that younger guy) who I will call TLO I cannot say why - but that’s his new code name. And if you can figure it out - licks for you!
So I met up with him at park. I know SOOO DUMB, who meets up with a stranger at a park at night? - I do. I just went with instinct, and I knew I would be fine, besides I'm strong, great at kickboxing I'm sure I could kick some ass if needed.
Anyway we sat and talked on a bench for a while - 20-30 min.'s he was unsure of what to do and I was nervous. He didn't know if he should be my friend or be my Dom... lol and he asked me more than once - "How should I start?" What was that? Are you serious? It was so unattractive how uneasy, unsure, and unconfident he was.
I know at the same time that he was taking it slow, and not sure if I’d scream rape or anything - but still.

After a while he kissed me, (I'm going to leave out some of my personal thoughts and feelings during this description due to the fact that he reads my blog) so we're kissing and then he eventually gets to my breasts, (which he did not stop staring at all night long - but that was ok) he touches, fondles, pulls my shirt down and takes them out of the black lacy bra, he starts sucking on them. He slightly pinches and nibbles, he gets a little rougher and rougher with them to where I'm whimpering a bit and they are just killing me. Note, we are outside and it's cold, so the cold air is just assisting him in hurting me. He wants me to suck his cock - I refuse. He is seriously upset and mad about this; he starts to somewhat beg me. BEG ME - A Dom begging a Sub - I can't even believe it... "C'mon, why won't you, not at all?, just suck it" - .... I can't deal with this. The night goes on. I'm now on my knees on the concrete being told to stare at his crotch while he touches himself outside of his jeans... he was bulging. Deep inside I did want to suck that cock - sooooo badly did I want to suck it. But I never suck a guy I don't know. And his begging had completely turned me off. We end up in my car and I he still wants a damn blowjob - I somewhat hint to him that he can be a little more demanding a little more rough with me. He takes that and orders my face to his crotch - I comply. For the next 20 minutes he rubs my face into the jeans over his crotch, it was somewhat humiliating, during this time he's saying shit to me - asking if I like this, and that’s where my face belongs.. blah blah blah. So finally he got into it but at that point it... oh I don't know.

Saturday and Sunday were boring - did some shopping. Went to Morgan's on Sunday - was about to have to good sex, but he did something stupid so I proceeded to get dressed and leave... We made up later that night, I'll be there tonight for make-up sex -YAY*


Blogger SlutGirl said...

A guy can be the hottest guy in the world, but if he lacks confidence and is unsure of himself, it completely turns me off. I had a guy who spanked me and after every other one would ask if I was ok or he was hitting too hard! And this guy you met lacks imagination. I can think if 10 things he could have had you do, done to you that didn't involve sucking him off. Heh.

4/12/2005 3:36 PM  
Blogger Joey said...

So lets hear those 10 things!

4/12/2005 4:10 PM  
Blogger SlutGirl said...

1. Order you to your knees and have you suck his fingers as if they were his cock, while pulling your hair and calling you his little slut.
2. Order you to masturbate with your non-dominant hand, while pinning your other hand behind your back.
3. Order you to remove your bra and panties and walk down the street with him with everything "loose and free".
4. Spank you, of course.
5. Have you straddle his knee and ride it like it was his cock while pulling your hair, calling your his fucktoy, cunt and spanking your ass.

Ok, so 5 is all I can think of at this very moment, but given some more time, I could come up with 5 more. I swear!

4/14/2005 12:53 AM  
Blogger Joey said...

I'm quite impressed! Though there are a few things I would refuse to do being that it's my first night with him... I did suck his fingers though.

Very nice job!

4/14/2005 1:05 AM  

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