Friday, April 08, 2005

With the Dom

I went to the Dom that I see here and there. It was very intense:
When I arrived, he immediately had me straddle his Bowflex and suck his cock; it was only for a minute or two. Then we proceeded up stairs, into his bedroom, he blindfolded me, had me undress (mind you - very hard to do when blindfolded and wearing heels). I heard the sound of tape, he taped my mouth; he's never taped my mouth. I was nervous, even scared as to what he had planned. He has me bend over his bed in which he then spanks me; telling me what each spank was for. The first two were because I have not seen him enough; the next was because he liked the color it made my ass, another because he still hasn’t used my ass, another because he can, and so on...

Afterwards he brought me into his study, sat me down in front of his computer, took off my blindfold, and took the tape off of my mouth. He instructed me to lift one breast at a time as he put a piece of electrical tape around each breast tightly. He stepped behind the chair, put earphones over on my head, held my head and neck and proceeded to play porno on his computer that I was required to watch – they were mostly of girls getting fucked in the ass, and some of girls giving blowjobs… His point in having me watch this is because I absolutely refuse to let him fuck my ass, and he wanted to show me that my ass is not special – ton’s of women like to have anal sex… Duh – I’m well aware of that.

Later on he had me sucking his cock (something I love to do) but he has a HUGE cock – its girth is just… Amazing. After sucking his cock for so long my jaw is in so much pain – but he just makes me keep going and going, he’ll hold my head down on his cock and say “let’s see how long till you pass out” – which scares me. I’ll try to beg him to let me stop, I whimper, even start to cry a bit – but he seems to like that (of course). I never ever thought I would say that I’d beg to stop sucking – but with him I do.

We head back into his bedroom, he starts fucking me (finally!) but it was quick, then I’m laying on the bed on my back, he ties my wrists and ankles so that I’m spread open, he then walks to the open side of the bed near my head and motions for me to open up – he pushes his giant cock into my mouth instinctively I start to suck, he then proceeds to lay down across me and fuck my face. I kid you not; the man is on top of me, cock in my mouth and using as he would a cunt. WOW… I was just helpless, laying there being used… and I liked it. Though he was much more rough, mean, even brutal which I didn’t exactly like but I know it’s all for a reason. Therefore I accept it.


Blogger SlutGirl said...

Oooooooh. Nice stuff there! I like your style. And I definitely agree that while the some of the rougher stuff isn't my favorite, I like it for the very fact that I'm being "forced" and submitting. It's exhilirating.

4/10/2005 12:04 AM  

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