Friday, April 08, 2005

The new One

It's been a few days, and I have a lot to catch up on here.

My weekend - sex just once - Friday night. Grrr... But Friday night was good, I went to the bar, was with friends who had birthdays that weekend, which means extra drinking. I got to the bar I ordered a beer and a shot of tequila - obviously I was on a mission! And mission completed (Little Pat on the back). I ended up sleeping at Morgan's so the sex was that fuzzy really drunk, just-fuck-me sex. Mmmm Mmmm good! And the next morning I awoke to him fucking me. I think that’s one of my favorite things, waking up with a cock thrusting in and out of my wet pussy.

Saturday and Sunday were quiet and boring, nothing to report; just lots of masturbating.

Nothing is going on with Mr. Blue Eyes, we still flirt but I’ve decided to keep it only at that.

I met someone new - well I haven't met him yet - tomorrow we meet in person.
He’s younger than I, which is a big thing to me, because I don’t date or fuck guys who are younger than myself. Yet, he’s mature, smart, well spoken and interested in D/s. It surprises me that he even knows about D/s, yet he does and he seems to be well educated about it. I’m not going to tell you his age – but he’s 3 years younger than I. I don’t think the age thing bothers him, if anything he prolly enjoys it; dominating and older woman – that’s gotta be hott. Yet over here on my side of the fence, submitting to guy that’s younger than me, like I said I don’t even look at younger men, and now I might submit to one, I think it’ll be somewhat humiliating/embarrassing, but maybe not… Anyhoo, we've been talking everyday this week, and I mean "everyday" we speak all day long on IM while at work. So I really enjoy talking to him and am excited about meeting him tomorrow (nervous and hoping he likes me) but excited! I've got to think of a name to call him on here - any of my loyal readers have suggestions? - I could use the help on this! (Thunder - you have great code names - help a fellow blogger out!)


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