Friday, October 12, 2007

Beauty Squared

I just finished reading a great trilogy:

The Trilogy of Sleeping Beauty by A. N. Roquelaure, Ann Rice
- The Claiming of Beauty
- Beauty's Punishment
- Beauty's Release

This may sound weird to some, but after I finish a book, a truly great book, I miss the characters. The book could have an amazingly beautiful or tragic ending, and I could be very content with the ending but inevitably I will miss the characters.

I've followed these characters through three books, I just wish the books would continue...I know it's a bit silly.

Anyway please feel free to check these books out - I wouldn't recommend them to my family or friends, but to some of my readers I definitely would. Just be careful where you read them as well. The books are quite descriptive, and many times commuting on the train I tried to hide the pages from being seen (unless I wanted the man next to me to see it!), and many times on the train I became pretty turned on!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Months of Hell

I haven't written since April for few good reasons. Unfortunately I can't really divulge these reasons to you. Mostly, I've hit another bump. This is a big one, and has completely affected every day of my life and just about every aspect of my day. Yet, it has also opened my eyes, a few things have changed for the better. It's been a slow process getting over this giant bump and I'm not quite there yet, it'll be all be over in a few months.

A quick small update:

Morgan - Is still 4 hours away from me. We've had a thousand ups and downs, and I don't really know where and how it's going.

TYD - About a year ago (feels like only months) we had a really great and fun night - I have yet to post about that and since then we've played just a bit. More recently, we've gotten to know each other better, and have become better friends. It's nice and I love spending time with him. Something is different when I'm with him, I can't place my finger on it... but I'm always left thinking about our time spent days after. (Update on the update here... I don't think we're friends any longer, it was a decision I made. I think he hates me, and I'm not happy about it.)

BFWB - I see him here and there.... Nothing really going on, our schedules are pretty off. But I've learned I can count on him.

The Suit - What a naughty naughty man, and oh, what he's done to me. Not physically not yet and not him... but soon. More to come on that.

CT - I haven't seen in a very, very long time.