Friday, October 06, 2006

The Games we Play

Throughout my day at the office some of my typing consists of "Yes Sir's" and "I'd love to be on my knees for you Sir".
Almost everyday day of the work week we IM back and forth, he treating me and talking to me as if I were still his whore, I respond accordingly. It's fun; it keeps us entertained, thrilled and most importantly- turned on. I've been on my knees for him before, I've had my face slapped and spit on by him before, so it's easy to imagine the words we type, it's easy to remember how his cock filled my mouth, how he choked me with it. How he wasn't scared to slap my face, as others had been, how he made my knees quiver, and still makes my pussy wet.
I enjoy chatting with him it reminds me of the slut I enjoy being during the hours when I'm the headstrong and smart business woman.

He's been a game I've played for so many years now that often it's just how we are...Yet a few weekends ago our game was played as it had been years ago.
On my way to my local hole-in-the-wall bar, while looking for a parking spot I spotted his car parked, I knew he had to be in there. I walked in with the utmost confidence, sexiness just pouring from me, and there he was at the other end of the bar. I went about my time, careful not to let him see me spot him. I wanted him to simply spot me in the crowd laughing, smiling having fun with my girls while looking gorgeous and wanting me. And it worked perfectly. He walked past me, discreetly grabbed my waist and gave me this kinda I need you tonight look. All night long we went on like that not really talking to each other just giving each other signals. The signals we know so well, the signals we had used back in high school when no one knew what we were up to. All these smiles, eyes and teasing signals led up to a few text messages of where and when we'd meet up... very fun.

The Phone Man:
Approximately four years ago I'd wait till all left the office then slip my hand down my pants to my delicious warmest parts, he'd call me and we spoke on the phone, he told me how he would use me, how he would make me his slut, he said some of the dirtiest things. He eventually became too annoying and I stopped our chats.
Two years ago he contacted me on a screen name I rarely use... we started chatting again. He made me wet and filled with enticing ideas... He called me a few times during work hours (at a new company) I used a private bathroom to chat with him, and I found myself with my hand inside my panties as he told me all that he would still do to me. Unfortunately, this man again became annoying, he wanted to know too much, and he wanted to tell me about his life. I didn't care about his life nor wanted to share mine... I stopped taking his calls.
About 6 months ago somehow we began chatting online again, I made it very clear that I didn't care to know about his personal life. The phone calls began again, though now that I'm at a new company I can no longer slip into a bathroom. He calls me his phone whore, which I find completely ridiculous and it actually makes me laugh; but hey - it turns him on. He now calls me in the middle of the night, most of the time it wakes me up. But there's something hot about being woken up, and told to spread your legs ;)


Blogger Damien_The Lover said...

You are a brave girl ..having total hot phone sex with a stranger at work..hmm all that risque stuff is a total turn on.

10/11/2006 11:15 PM  

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