Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tiptoeing through the TwoLips

This past weekend (yes I'm aware I'm week behind) was completely filled with masturbating.
I couldn't stop.
I wasn’t only obsessed with masturbating but I couldn't remove myself from the computer. I go through this self-obsessed-loving weekend a few times a year. While I do think it's great, sometimes I wonder if it's a problem.

Friday night...
I arrive home early from having a few afternoon drinks with co-workers (LOVE those summer hours!) and I jump online and check my mail. Then I checked a new kind of mail, a fun type of mail - D/s kind of mail. Let's see if I have any and if I do what kind of note a new Dom might have left. I logged myself on, ding-ding-ding - I have a few. I read and sort through them... hmmm... ehhh... ooooh... hello! A few good ones - I reply. I've been thinking lately that I seriously need a kinky boyfriend. I'm not focusing on the boyfriend here. But if and when I meet someone, I need him to be a kinky guy, I would love for him to be D/s educated and obviously he be of the Dominant persuasion. In my past relationships they were pure vanilla and I wasn't purely satisfied.

So back to where I was... I then pull up the Aol chatrooms I've always trolled through them since I was young. Fascinating people in there and quite horny - much like myself at the moment. I start chatting with a man, next thing I know my legs are spread, my hand is underneath my panties, and I'm rubbing my cunt. (I've gotten pretty good at one-handed typing.. lol) This goes on for quite a few orgasms err. . hours. I get to bed very late- but before I fall asleep I grab a dildo and thrust it into my cunt a few times before I can bring myself to orgasm and the fall asleep.

Saturday morning...
I decide to attempt to cook a good breakfast - and it was! I lay back on the couch after finishing my breakfast, turn on the tv and again I find my hands making their way to my cunt. I rub my fingertips over my lips, they're soft (I had just shaved a few nights ago). I lie there not watching anything in particular and slowly rub my lips. She's still moist from the night before. That's the great thing about my pussy; if I'm soaking wet the night before, then I'm certainly going to wake up with a wet pussy. - G-d, I love that - I love it even more so when a man slides his cock right into me and wakes me up... Eventually I slip my finger inside I stop to give my clit a little hello - oh, it's a long hello, long enough that I slowly cum...
After enjoying that, I watch a movie, in which I again - play with my pussy. I take a deliciously long shower - and guess what - ... I'm not even typing it - lol! But with the hot water running down my hair and onto my body, I couldn't help myself?!

I take a little break, clean up around my apartment and I'm cleaning I can't help but notice my cunt is still wet...

It's a gorgeous day and I should be at the beach with my friends, but instead this little pervy girl has decided to stay in and cum all day long.
I go out onto my balcony, needing to get some fresh air and sun. I go out there equipped with my cell phone, the current book (no, it's not erotica) I'm reading, the remote control to my stereo and a pillow. Finally, a little time to read & relax after my stint of cleaning. Actually I hate the book I'm reading (maybe it's because it's not erotica) but I've pushed myself to finish it...

About 45 minutes later I go inside grab something to munch on for lunch, make a few phone calls, check email and then pry myself away from the computer before any naughtiness commences. Back out on the balcony I change the cd playing then lie down on my stomach, resting my arms on the pillow and go on reading. Moments later, I feel something hard underneath me - in a very naughty place. My balcony is high enough - at least I think it is, I've laid out there naked... I begin pushing my pelvis into the object - it feels somewhat good. My book falls closed - my head rests on the pillow, eyes slowly shut and I gradually gyrate my hips... mmmmhhhh... I come to figure out the object to be the remote control. I'm wearing only a tank top and cotton panties, my hips rotate, grind and hump the remote. G-d it feels good, though it does hurt a little bit; But of course we all know I like that bit of pain ;)
Grinding and humping it faster, harder I feel my pussy wet and slick. I have a thought of actually trying to use it on myself, but that quickly goes away. I'm dying to bring a finger to my clit - but I won't allow myself. I'm going to force myself to lie out here on the balcony and cum from grinding, gyrating and humping my pussy into a stereo remote control. Harder and faster I move my body, I lift my tank top, my nipples harden from being pushed up and down on the itchy outdoor rug. I'm grinding hard now, I like the mix of pain and pleasure this is all causing me. My body begins to quiver, I find myself holding my breath and then... then... that sensational feeling consumes me, I cum hard and long, breathing heavily - panting.

I'm spent and my panties are soaked through. I could only smirk at myself... I realize that what I just did and the manner in which it was done, is exactly how I began masturbating when I was a little girl. It was the best orgasm of the day, hell - of the weekend.
I pick up my book, continue reading, I end up falling asleep outside. Waking up realizing I have errands to run...

Upon returning home I head straight for my email, I have a few im's to respond to. I reply, I know I shouldn't I don't have time - I have to go out for the night with friends.. I end up late meeting with them and my pussy is juicy and wet as I'm out dancing; I had a very hot little chat with some dirty man - it's all his fault.

I wake up late having come home at some ungodly hour.
I'll tally Sunday up for you:
15 - Number of men I chat with online.
1 - Phone call me for phone sex (even though I'm pretty bad at it)
13 - Orgasms in total


Blogger Adam said...

Whoa! I'm exhausted.

Quality title lady, quality!

7/18/2006 9:58 AM  
Blogger Aragorn said...

LOL, that sounds like a pretty ‘active’ weekend ... wonderful. Thanks for sharing in so much detail. Remember, scientifically demonstrated, with more than 3 orgasms, our immune system starts to wear off ... so, you’ll have to refrain for a while dear ... (and take those vitamin pills ... ;-)

7/18/2006 2:38 PM  
Blogger Joey said...

Adam - Thanks, I love the title too!

Aragorn I thought orgasms increase endorphins and all?! Are you serious about this immune system thing, that's horrible... Alright I'll refrain - or at least try to.

7/18/2006 9:33 PM  
Blogger Romantic Sex Addiction said...

Well I masturbated to this post, dont know if I could 13 off like you did, but at least I have a goal to work towards,

7/19/2006 6:24 PM  
Blogger Aragorn said...

Very serious ... BUt, the truth is that it was demonstrated for intercourse, not so sure about masturbation ... so, keep pushing the odds, but don't be surprised oif you catch a flu more often ... ;-)

7/20/2006 6:31 PM  
Blogger figleaf said...

Hi Joey!

For the record I don't think sex with yourself is any harder on your system than any other aerobic exercise. Take vitamins if you wish, by all means, and drink plenty of water too. But don't worry overmuch if you don't.

One of the wonderful things about your erotic posts is that they can be completely, unpredictably different. It seems like sooner or later pretty much every one writes an extended "I was horny all weekend" masturbation post, and often they're sort of predictable: did this, thought that, watched something and did it some more, here's the "body count." Every time it looked like you were settling in to something familiar-sounding you took an entirely different turn. Wow. Nice writing about what must have been an enjoyable weekend. Thanks for putting it together so nicely. (And goodness! Your story made me hard as a rock, so thank you again. :-) )

I hope you and yours are well. Take care,


7/22/2006 3:13 AM  
Blogger Joey said...

Fig - I can't thank you enough for such a sweet and inspiring comment.
It's been a while since I've really posted. Although, I was happy with this post, I couldn't help but think it didn't keep up with my others.... Now I'm thinking maybe it did!

Thanks again,

7/22/2006 8:15 PM  
Anonymous faith said...

13 - Orgasms in total

I'm envious, gurl! ;p

7/23/2006 3:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

before you started having sex, was there always a strong desire to? i mean some of the stories you've told about when you were a child, they just remind me so much of mine. but i dont think (aside from drunken occasions), ive ever had the desire to have sex with another person... maybe im just odd

8/07/2006 3:36 PM  

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