Friday, April 29, 2005

Gooch, Grundle, and What TO DO?

Last night I went over to Morgan's we watched a horrible, horribly bad porno, yet amusing. During the dreadful porno Morgan was between my legs lapping my pussy. I normally hate that, I truly don't enjoy a man down there sucking and licking my cunt, but Morgan has changed my view (a bit), he is the only guy who I allow to do that to me. I fully enjoy when he does it but all in all I could still go without it and I’d be fine. (I know I'm a weird girl).
Afterwards I gleefully returned the favor. Morgan has a great cock, almost a perfect one - not quite perfect but damn close to it. I'm about 30 minutes into sucking his cock, he stops me and pulls me up towards him, we start kissing, deep long kisses, we turn over switching positions,

I'm now lying down on my back and he makes his way back down to my kitty, all I want to do is suck his cock and as he's driving me crazy as I feel his tongue thrusting in and out of my pussy. I'm dying to suck his cock, begging him at this point but he ignores my pleading at first and continues with the tongue action. Finally he turns around (while still over me) and his cock is now fully erect and there for me right above my mouth. I take it in my mouth suckling and licking, devouring his delicious cock. I pull it out and lick his shaft to his balls. He goes crazy; he loves when I lick his balls. I have his cock in one hand and am rubbing nice, hard, slow strokes between my tits, while still my warm, hot tongue is licking, and licking his balls. Then I hit the spot, right between his balls and his ass (what the hell is the word for that - gooch, grundle?!) I lick then I suck it for a few moment and his cock starts twitching I know he's about to cum, I do it again and he begins licking my clit and nibbling it, we both are moaning and grinding our hips into each other’s faces - we're about to explode; I take his cock in my mouth just in time to feel his hot cum shoot straight down my throat, as I cum so hard for him.
He then lies down next to me the - two of us are fully satisfied and spent.
I end up going home and get into bed at about 3 am.... My lips still bright red and partially numb - oh what a feeling!
Morgan's birthday is this weekend. We will be mainly celebrating it on Saturday, but hope the festivities continue through Sunday night (or Monday morning should I say!).
So the POA (Plan Of Action) is:
Today will be our normal Friday night, he's working at the bar, and I'll go over to his place afterwards and sleep over.
On Saturday, we are either going upstate to his cabin, or going to CT and getting a hotel room for the day & night. Morgan has requested that he wants a weekend of sex. But not our usual mind-blowing sex this time he wants crazy, go-all-out, sex like we've never had before. He's also requested that the first three hours are all about Him. And I'm to do anything and everything that I want. HOLY SHIT!
My dear readers - you know this is not me; I'm not the take control kind of gal, here let me experiment with your cock, balls and ass. But I have to do this; I really want to do this!
Please someone map this out for me, make it a little easier and give me a full blow-by-blow (no pun intended, well a little pun intended) as to what I should do for 3 HOURS LONG. I figured for the first hour I'll give him a full body massage - Morgan flips out over my massages so an hour long one, I figure he'll be quite happy with! But I still have two full hours left - help help help!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Weekend Round-up

Friday night was my usual night - I went to the bar where Morgan works; though he just informed me that he's given them his two-weeks notice :(
I got somewhat drunk went back to Morgan's and had yummy yummy sex.

Sidenote: I've recently told Morgan about my interest and
experiance in D/s. He was blown away by this, he couldn't believe that I had this crazy kinky side to me - he loved it. Since I've revealed this to him, he has not stopped talking about it, and questioning me about it. He says he wants to try it; well I don't think it's something someone can exactly "try". But then again maybe it is - maybe it's in him to be a dominant controlling man (mmmmmm...) and we wouldn't find out unless he tried.

So throughout our yummy sex he wanted to tie me up - I told him not tonight but I promise him on Saturday we will.

Saturday night was our Passover Seder - 30 people at dinner, at least 4 glasses of wine each person = much fun! I had about 5 glasses of wine, then went to Morgan's he told me he wanted to spend his b~day with me (awww). And then he brings up the tying. I'm still not comfortable with him doing this. I fully trust him but I thought it would be weird. I also had other reasons... which he figured out (he's so intuitive). We end up kissing and then I let him...

I'm laying on the bed on my back as we are kissing he stops and tells me not to move a muscle. He comes back, and blindfolds me, takes my pants & shirt off... then leads me to the other side of the room and sits me into a chair. He then asks me if I trust him, and I say yes. He then kisses me. He ties my hands behind me to the back of the chair then takes my bra off but lets it fall down past my stomach (he can't take it off now that my arms are tied). He touches me lightly here and there. Then all of sudden he hits my nipples with something, I figured it out to be the wire brush from his drum set (yes he's plays the drums - hot!). It hurt - I took the pain, I liked the pain. He orders me to spread my legs, I open them a bit. I didn't do that to misbehave, it only opened them a bit - because this is Morgan giving me orders, and it's very weird. I was quite fidgety, and nervous. I had a hard time letting myself go, or letting myself get into it. I couldn’t bring myself to obey his every word, to be fully submissive to him.

He then ties my legs to the bottom legs of the chair, not only does he tie my ankles but he wraps the cloth around my ankles, calves and thighs and then back down to my ankles; my legs were fully restrained and spread open for him. He touched my cunt lightly with his fingertips, I was quivering. I just wanted him to untie me, throw me on the bed and fuck me. He grabs my face and puts his cock to my lips, I open my mouth and take his cock, I suck it, suck it hard for him, as he tells me show me how badly you want me to fuck you. As I'm sucking him feel his legs begin to quiver and I can tell he's about to cum. He then pulls away and cums all over my tits & stomach. He walks away leaving me there covered in his cum for about 10 minutes... When he returns he tells me I'm not to wipe it off, he unties me kisses me deeply. We walk over to the bed; I'm still quiet I'm not sure if "it's over". Then he looks at me and says - "I'm sure I just did horrible" I was like - "Oh my god no - you fully impressed me!" We then fucked and all was well!

Sunday - went to Morgan's bar, but didn't go home with him, he had a bad day and just wanted to go to bed - understandable, but I always though that a good fucking (or at least a blow-job)can always make a bad day go away?!! Well he certainly missed out!

I was going to call the BWFB but I then remembered I'm upset with him. He missed my b~day (usually not a big deal but after 11 years of friendship - thats just bullshit), ignored a text message of mine. Then a few days later he text's my phone - here's the text's (my thoughts in italic)

BFWB: Blowjob? (Are you serious, did he literally just text me and say - blowjob? I cannot believe him - how fucking rude and disrespectful. )


BFWB: Are you mad?

ME: Yes, but it's too much to explain on here.

BFWB: What's wrong?

ME: I just told you it's too much to type out on here, I shouldn't even need to tell you this - but call me if you care to know.

He didn't call me, ugh - I have no patience with this one. I practically don't care it’s just that we have such animalistic attraction to each other that it's unbelievable what happens when we get together.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Hand and Thigh

About a year ago I finished one of those long hard days at work. That kind of day where you feel like absolute shit, you hate what your wearing, it’s bad hair day and on top of it - it was one of those grueling days in the office.
I throw my hair up in a messy pony-tail make my way to Grand Central and pray – pray that I do not see a single sole who I might possibly know.
I sit down in a two-seater on the train, the inside seat, I close my eyes, begging to just be home already. A man sits down next to me; I glance over at him – nothing special and no-one I know – perfect! As people are boarding the train there’s a bit of commotion ahead - some teenager with an attitude annoyed an elderly woman – people next to them take care of it, and the man next to me says “Sheesh, what a jerk”, I agree with him and smile then lay my head back against the seat.
Finally the train departs… I close my eyes to take a 30 min nap. I sleep quite lightly on the train, and I’ve never missed my station in the 5 years I’ve worked in the city. Within in about 10 minutes I think I feel something on my leg, a little above my knee, yet I’m not quite sure. I start thinking to myself: Your bag is on your knees (and it’s fallen forward leaning onto my stomach), so I’m guess maybe my bag moved up a bit, ok Joey just try to go back to sleep it’s nothing. I close my eyes…. Again – there it is again! Now I know it’s not my bag, it’s warm and it’s actually pressed down onto my thigh, this definitely feels like a hand. OK stay calm, remain relaxed. I haven’t yet opened my eyes. Oh-my-god the dude sitting next to me actually has the balls to put his hand on my thigh – are you KIDDING me. This stranger is fully feeling up my thigh. Stay still and act as if you're sleeping, as this ballsy Groping Stranger starts to move his hand higher up my thigh. He moves it very, very slowly. I get a little frightened, so I pretend to wake-up (also to see what he does). I gotta give it to him – he’s somewhat smart the Groping Stranger doesn’t quickly take his hand away, which would be too obvious. He actually just lifts it up and keeps it there hovering right above my thigh!

Your prolly wondering how is he doing this without anyone seeing and without him thinking I see it. Well if you’ve ever ridden on a Metro-North train you’d know that these seats are so close together also its winter in NY, everyone has one big bulgy jackets. So between my jacket and my bag, no one can see where his hand is.

I look out the window to waste a little time and give him a chance to take his hand away – he doesn’t- he leaves it there hovering above my thigh. Ugh! I close my eyes again and lay my head back. Part of me is somewhat freaked and out scared and part of me is fully turned on from the Groping Stranger’s hand on my thigh and by his bold and daring moves. I pretend to fall back asleep, within a few minutes, his hand starts to travel back up my thigh. He goes very, very slowly, making snail-like timing up my thigh. Now he’s getting pretty close to my crotch and I’m sure his hand can already feel my warmth, I figure two can play at this game Mr. Groping Stranger! I pretend to wake up again, and as quickly as my eyes open his hand is hovering above my thigh – impressive I gotta hand it to the man! I close my eyes and again within a few minutes he softly places his hand back onto my thigh. The conductor comes through our car – I “wake up” and as I do this time he slyly moves his hand away. He does it so well that I’m not even sure when it’s fully gone. Conductor comes by – I flash my train pass…. Let the games continue:
It all starts over again – I “fall asleep” and within a few minutes – well actually he waited a little longer this time – then his big hand back onto my thigh, leaving it there for a bit and then getting closer to my crotch. The train would soon be approaching my stop, I now I was genuinely nervous that he would follow me off. So I had to end this (no, you perves he never made it to my crotch!) – I again “wake up” and proceeded to stay awake for the next 10-15 minutes. The stop before my own I planned to get up and walk to another car of the train to exit so that he wouldn’t follow me – but he ends up getting off at that stop. He looks over at me with a smirk on his face and says “Have a good night” I could only think “I’m glad you just did”!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hungry for the Cock

I have not had sex since the 14th, it's now the 19th. Ugh, how I hate dry spells like this. I'm going crazy and now, now Aunt Flo is in town. I don't have patience like this for these things. Yes I can have sex with Aunt Flo here - I just truly don't like it. I am certainly up for giving a great blow job but Morgan's MIA since Sunday. I need a cock right now.

Not much else to write, sorry all - hopefully I'll have a good story soon!

- The (sex starved) Unknown Naughty Girl.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Burnt Bum

What a silly, silly girl I am...

So as you all know I was in a horrid mood this past Friday. When I got home from work, I decided it was time for a tan. My skin was just too white, I have very, very dark brown hair - against my white skin it's beautiful; but seasons are changing and I need a tan!
I go in, and it's like clockwork, from years of tanning the words just spew out of my mouth - "Regular bed please, 20 minutes". I fork over 8 bucks. Walk into the room, undress (completely undress) rub the tan enhancing lotion all over me and take a relaxing 20 minute nap under those bright bulbs pumping fake solar light onto my body.
3 hours later, I'm in pain, sooo much pain. (Why didn't I just do 10 minutes - stupid girl). My whole body (everything, my ass, my nipples- everything!)is red and burnt and hot, while I'm freezing and have the chills. Yet this doesn't stop me, I painfully get dressed, and off to the bar I go. I decide to wear a pink lace bra because it matched my shirt just so well. I NEVER wear this bra, it's a scratchy lace bra - but I decide to wear it when my back is burnt to hell - IDIOT! At 12am - it's officially my birthday, we drink but I don't get hammered, I think I was in too much pain. Morgan was working (and no I didn't kill him), a bunch of us go to another bar after Morgan closes up - he goes home. He calls me and says call me when you're leaving the bar and come over if I'm still up.
Guess what - imbecile falls asleep.
I get home at about 4:30-5ish and try my best to get to bed, despite the pain of ANYTHING touching my skin.
Saturday, MY BDAY - I'm not going into detail as to what I did - it was an ok day.
Saturday night I end up going to Morgan's we watch 2 movies; during which I'm complaining about my burnt skin. He put up with me and did a good job of it. I slept over, and I certainly paid for my stupidity. I was burnt so badly Morgan couldn't even touch me, no less fuck me. He tried snuggling with me while we slept but that hurt too much, he wrapped me in his very soft blanket and held me close to him - that was as close as we got.
Sunday morning I awoke to him fingering me which was nice, but the rest of me hurt so badly that I couldn't fully enjoy it.
Alas - no sex on my birthday, no sex on my last Friday of 25 due to my stupidity of getting a 20 minute tan on my white ass skin.
At least Morgan pulled through and was there for me on Saturday night.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Birthday Girl


I'm in a much, much better mood today, I even brought some cake for everyone!

Yummy Cake!

Have to run - time to party!!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Gloomy Girl

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces." - Bridget Jones

I'm in such a gloomy and bad mood today. My Birfday is tomorrow... yay.... Last night Morgan (the imbecile) was arrested - what is that about??? My friends are not people who get arrested?!! I can't believe this; I'm so angry with him. I was supposed to spend my birfday with him all weekend long together. He's not in jail at the moment but I SWEAR if this imbecile ruins my weekend I'll kill him.

My sister has decided to go away this weekend, she's visiting family - I'll be sad with her gone - especially if the imbecile fucks up and then I'll be stuck home alone... GRRRRR I want to rip someone to pieces right now!!
My family has decided to celebrate my b-day on Sunday - so at least I'll know I wont' be alone then.
Why am I so down-and-out today... maybe it's just the "Boyfriend Blues". Yup, that’s exactly what I call it when a special event, or some rainy day comes along, and you really, really want your other half with you. Well I'm missing my other half and I’ve been (somewhat -foolishly) replacing Morgan as my other half.

Or maybe it's just the "Birthday Blues" I always get sad when my birthday is here - really - who wants to get older? Not I! I've tried to embrace this, but my conscious fights with me, it says:
- Embrace - HA a birthday is nothing to embrace; Soon enough you'll be 30-something then 40- something... and you'll never get 25 back ever- EVER AGAIN. Matter-of-fact this is your last Friday being 25 - better get some good ass tonight and have a great time or you'll REGRET IT.
Ok so that's what’s going on in my head all freaking day long...
I think I'm having some kind of mini-breakdown, is that possible?? This entire post doesn't sound like me - but it is HELLO Everyone this is Me freaking out over birthdays, friends, family, loneliness, age, and where the fuck is my other half - How long will it take before I find him or he finds me??? Seriously I'm 26 now... AAAAAHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh! (Spinning and falling to the ground)

And another thought while I'm here down on the ground... It's not suppose to rain tomorrow - it's rained on my birfday for as long as I could remember - let's just tack that onto my list of shit I'm freaking out about - RAIN DAMMIT RAIN!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Sex Scenes - Take 2

Yesterday Morgan had a horrible day, so I went over to his place thinking we’d either chat, watch a movie and I’d give him a great massage Or we’d chat I’d still give him a great massage and then after having my hands deeply rub and caress his neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, legs and feet he just wouldn’t be able to resist me.
More of the latter thought happened…

When I arrived he didn’t feel like talking about his bad day so he massaged my feeties as I chatted away about my newest family annoyance (I should start another blog devoted to that). After I somewhat talked his ear off and he was laughing hysterically I thought he was going to lay down for his massage. Instead he carefully lays me down on the bed (on my back) he lays next to me kinda over me and says “How ‘bout a little making-out before a massage”. Now Morgan always uses the term “making-out”. I think it’s adorable, we are so far from 13 and high school (those fun making-out years) but anytime he says it (quite often) he brings me right back to those years.
We make-out for a while, softly, slowly, delicious kisses….
Fast Forward ---> ---> --->

I then give him a 20-30 minute full body massage.

Fast Forward ---> ---> --->
Back to delicious making-out kisses, he then takes the blanket and pulls it over us. I love when he does that; it creates this dark, cozy, secret place, it’s just the two of us and the whole world is so far away while we are under his blanket. Kisses and kisses are pouring all over me, my mouth, my cheeks, chin, neck, earlobes, neck, chest, breast, nipples… He somewhat passes my belly (he knows that I’m too self conscious about it to let him kiss it) but he’ll still sneak in 1 or 2 kisses and then, then I feel his tongue on my pussy, and he’s there for quite a while… My mouth then makes way to his cock, sucking, licking and devouring it…
Fast Forward ---> ---> --->

He’s on top of me slowly thrusting his cock into me, my hands tightly hold on to his arms my nails digging into him, my legs wrapped around him, our bodies moving in rhythm continuously together – we have that great slow luscious sex and he cums on my belly.

A little while later I leave and the BFWB calls – he’s working stop by, Yay*. So I stop by the firehouse (he’s an EMT) and we chat about life, how we’re doing, who from HS (high school) we’ve seen or run into. Then I get down to business (no pun intended…lol). We’re in my car because of all the firehouses he works at the Wednesday night one is the one I hate. I love sucking this man’s cock; I’ve been doing it since I was 16, so we know exactly what the other likes. He hold’s my head down on his cock, tells me I’m a good girl, he’ll tease me pulling my head away and not letting me suck it or he’ll rub his cock all over my face…he pulls my hair, tells me to look up at him. Every time I suck his cock, the whole thing is just very, very electrical and intense I think I could cum from sucking his cock alone. After about 45 minutes he cums, so fucking much, he cums down my throat, but there just so much it’s spilling from my lips down my chin - the whole scene is just so hot.

So, overall last night was excellent, I had delicious sex with someone I truly care for, it was like a setting out of some lovey dovey movie, and then I gave a hardcore porno-like blowjob to my EMT friend.

Excellent night Indeed!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Renaissance Man

I was chatting with one of my IT guys at work while waiting for the elevator, somehow my cleavage became the topic of convo.

Exhibit A: My Cleavage

He told me that I had great cleavage, and would look awesome in one of those dresses from the renaissance days. I replied and said, yea I've always loved those dresses, maybe I should have been born then, he looked at me and said "Yea they just don't make women like they used too".

How cute is that!!


On Friday night I met up with the new one (that younger guy) who I will call TLO I cannot say why - but that’s his new code name. And if you can figure it out - licks for you!
So I met up with him at park. I know SOOO DUMB, who meets up with a stranger at a park at night? - I do. I just went with instinct, and I knew I would be fine, besides I'm strong, great at kickboxing I'm sure I could kick some ass if needed.
Anyway we sat and talked on a bench for a while - 20-30 min.'s he was unsure of what to do and I was nervous. He didn't know if he should be my friend or be my Dom... lol and he asked me more than once - "How should I start?" What was that? Are you serious? It was so unattractive how uneasy, unsure, and unconfident he was.
I know at the same time that he was taking it slow, and not sure if I’d scream rape or anything - but still.

After a while he kissed me, (I'm going to leave out some of my personal thoughts and feelings during this description due to the fact that he reads my blog) so we're kissing and then he eventually gets to my breasts, (which he did not stop staring at all night long - but that was ok) he touches, fondles, pulls my shirt down and takes them out of the black lacy bra, he starts sucking on them. He slightly pinches and nibbles, he gets a little rougher and rougher with them to where I'm whimpering a bit and they are just killing me. Note, we are outside and it's cold, so the cold air is just assisting him in hurting me. He wants me to suck his cock - I refuse. He is seriously upset and mad about this; he starts to somewhat beg me. BEG ME - A Dom begging a Sub - I can't even believe it... "C'mon, why won't you, not at all?, just suck it" - .... I can't deal with this. The night goes on. I'm now on my knees on the concrete being told to stare at his crotch while he touches himself outside of his jeans... he was bulging. Deep inside I did want to suck that cock - sooooo badly did I want to suck it. But I never suck a guy I don't know. And his begging had completely turned me off. We end up in my car and I he still wants a damn blowjob - I somewhat hint to him that he can be a little more demanding a little more rough with me. He takes that and orders my face to his crotch - I comply. For the next 20 minutes he rubs my face into the jeans over his crotch, it was somewhat humiliating, during this time he's saying shit to me - asking if I like this, and that’s where my face belongs.. blah blah blah. So finally he got into it but at that point it... oh I don't know.

Saturday and Sunday were boring - did some shopping. Went to Morgan's on Sunday - was about to have to good sex, but he did something stupid so I proceeded to get dressed and leave... We made up later that night, I'll be there tonight for make-up sex -YAY*

Friday, April 08, 2005

The new One

It's been a few days, and I have a lot to catch up on here.

My weekend - sex just once - Friday night. Grrr... But Friday night was good, I went to the bar, was with friends who had birthdays that weekend, which means extra drinking. I got to the bar I ordered a beer and a shot of tequila - obviously I was on a mission! And mission completed (Little Pat on the back). I ended up sleeping at Morgan's so the sex was that fuzzy really drunk, just-fuck-me sex. Mmmm Mmmm good! And the next morning I awoke to him fucking me. I think that’s one of my favorite things, waking up with a cock thrusting in and out of my wet pussy.

Saturday and Sunday were quiet and boring, nothing to report; just lots of masturbating.

Nothing is going on with Mr. Blue Eyes, we still flirt but I’ve decided to keep it only at that.

I met someone new - well I haven't met him yet - tomorrow we meet in person.
He’s younger than I, which is a big thing to me, because I don’t date or fuck guys who are younger than myself. Yet, he’s mature, smart, well spoken and interested in D/s. It surprises me that he even knows about D/s, yet he does and he seems to be well educated about it. I’m not going to tell you his age – but he’s 3 years younger than I. I don’t think the age thing bothers him, if anything he prolly enjoys it; dominating and older woman – that’s gotta be hott. Yet over here on my side of the fence, submitting to guy that’s younger than me, like I said I don’t even look at younger men, and now I might submit to one, I think it’ll be somewhat humiliating/embarrassing, but maybe not… Anyhoo, we've been talking everyday this week, and I mean "everyday" we speak all day long on IM while at work. So I really enjoy talking to him and am excited about meeting him tomorrow (nervous and hoping he likes me) but excited! I've got to think of a name to call him on here - any of my loyal readers have suggestions? - I could use the help on this! (Thunder - you have great code names - help a fellow blogger out!)

With the Dom

I went to the Dom that I see here and there. It was very intense:
When I arrived, he immediately had me straddle his Bowflex and suck his cock; it was only for a minute or two. Then we proceeded up stairs, into his bedroom, he blindfolded me, had me undress (mind you - very hard to do when blindfolded and wearing heels). I heard the sound of tape, he taped my mouth; he's never taped my mouth. I was nervous, even scared as to what he had planned. He has me bend over his bed in which he then spanks me; telling me what each spank was for. The first two were because I have not seen him enough; the next was because he liked the color it made my ass, another because he still hasn’t used my ass, another because he can, and so on...

Afterwards he brought me into his study, sat me down in front of his computer, took off my blindfold, and took the tape off of my mouth. He instructed me to lift one breast at a time as he put a piece of electrical tape around each breast tightly. He stepped behind the chair, put earphones over on my head, held my head and neck and proceeded to play porno on his computer that I was required to watch – they were mostly of girls getting fucked in the ass, and some of girls giving blowjobs… His point in having me watch this is because I absolutely refuse to let him fuck my ass, and he wanted to show me that my ass is not special – ton’s of women like to have anal sex… Duh – I’m well aware of that.

Later on he had me sucking his cock (something I love to do) but he has a HUGE cock – its girth is just… Amazing. After sucking his cock for so long my jaw is in so much pain – but he just makes me keep going and going, he’ll hold my head down on his cock and say “let’s see how long till you pass out” – which scares me. I’ll try to beg him to let me stop, I whimper, even start to cry a bit – but he seems to like that (of course). I never ever thought I would say that I’d beg to stop sucking – but with him I do.

We head back into his bedroom, he starts fucking me (finally!) but it was quick, then I’m laying on the bed on my back, he ties my wrists and ankles so that I’m spread open, he then walks to the open side of the bed near my head and motions for me to open up – he pushes his giant cock into my mouth instinctively I start to suck, he then proceeds to lay down across me and fuck my face. I kid you not; the man is on top of me, cock in my mouth and using as he would a cunt. WOW… I was just helpless, laying there being used… and I liked it. Though he was much more rough, mean, even brutal which I didn’t exactly like but I know it’s all for a reason. Therefore I accept it.

Friday, April 01, 2005


Goal Accomplished!

I had some very, very good sex last night.
After work, I ran home changed into some comfy cotton pants, a tank top and zippered sweatshirt and went over to Morgan's. When I got there we just hung out for a while and put on a movie, then he asked for a massage. Now, I always give him massages, and then he does to me, but last night I just wasn't feeling up to it. I gave him a very quick massage and prolly pretty bad too, it definitely wasn't my best. A little while later he grabs me, gets my beer and swears he'll pour it on my hair if I don't give him another better massage, this turns into a whole wrestling match between us while drops of beer spill on me and the it was fun, we were hysterical laughing.
I lose the wrestling match; are bodies are twisted in the blankets and sheets and we are just devouring each other. Kisses everywhere my arms, neck, cheek, lips, etc.... Then finally, finally after teasing me and teasing me I feel his cock penetrate, thrusting into me harder and harder. He then completely surprises me; I feel his hand around my neck, mmm... When we turn around and I'm on all fours he's got a fist of my hair in his hand and he's pulling it hard, my body moving with his as I rock back and forth on his cock...
We slow down, I've already orgasmed at least two or three times by now... Morgan's back on top of me slowly moving in and out of me, he then pulls out climbs higher on me and places his cock between my tits. We go on like that for just a minute or so before I feel his hot cum pouring onto my chest and neck... Oh how I love when a man cums on me, that feeling to be covered with his hot cum... mmmm... indescribable.